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Tyson Anderson

Tyson Anderson (Denesuline) is a 19 year old self-taught photographer currently residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but originally from Tadoule Lake, an isolated reserve in northern Manitoba. A few photography career highlights include travelling Canada with Native Model Studio, and photographing aboriginal artists for magazine publications. Tyson is also skilled graphic design and videography, and plans on owning a production company in the future.

Nikon D901. Camera

I still own my Nikon D90, which was a birthday gift from my parents. It holds sentimental value & has not failed me yet!

2. Music

I draw so much inspiration for my work from music, where it may be for photo shoots or a fun video project. Aside from creative projects, going out & dancing to great music is one my favourite things to do.

3. Macbook Pro

Where I edit all my photos and video footage. I also discovered my passion for video/film making when I got my first Macbook.

4. The Sun

It literally illuminates my mind, body, and soul. Despite any life troubles that I may be faced with, the sun shining will never fail to brighten my mood. The sun also serves as an alternative light source for photo shoots

 5. Fashion

I can browse online & through stores/boutiques for hours. I don’t consider myself an expert but I love the concept of making a statement through fashion. I usually choose the wardrobe for the models in my photo shoots.

6. My Confidence

It wasn’t too long ago when I had zero self esteem as a result of being viciously bullied throughout childhood. Had I not taken the necessary steps towards improving my well being, I don’t think I would have believed in myself enough to pursue my goals & dreams.

Factory Girl

7. Factory Girl (Movie)

My absolute favourite movie! The characters and storyline speak volumes to me, I think I watched it everyday for a week straight when I first discovered it.


8. Coffee

My first and only thought the moment I wake up. Most days I go for Tim Hortons, Starbucks if I’m feeling extra self indulgent. I don’t think I would have survived some of the long days of classes without coffee.


9. Interview Magazine

I love the creative direction of this magazine! Out of the several magazines that feature prominent figures of pop culture on the cover, Interview Magazine displays some of the most visually pleasing images in my opinion.


10. Aveeno Nourish & Shine Conditioner

As most young adults do, I experimented with different looks, including hair colours. It took months of having light brown/blonde hair to truly appreciate my natural colour. Now I want my hair to look as healthy as possible!

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