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If you live in Toronto, have an iPhone or Android, and take a taxi you *need* to know about Uber. This company is essentially a luxury taxi service, but better.

You can download an app to your phone, set up an account and order a car right from the app. ELIMINATE A PHONE CALL. Awesome. Plus you can see how far away the nearest driver is, thus giving you precise timing to put on your lipstick and pack your purse.

Then you get a text when your driver has arrived. If you are super anal-retentive you can watch the car on the map make it’s way to your destination. A slick black car arrives. Leather seats, luxury. No more cabbies yelling in to the phone while you get jostled around in the back street while old pizza smell starts to permeate your clothing!

This is a super handy feature. You don’t need to carry cash, debit card, or credit card to pay. It’s all in the app and the charges (including tax/tip) are applied on to the credit card that you registered with. Presto! No more arguing with cabs about your currency, debit charges, or the credit card machine not working. Seriously I used to get in matches with cab drivers who didn’t want me to pay with my corporate credit card. Um hello, I don’t want to pay out of pocket. A moment later the receipt and details of your ride are sent to your email inbox. No paper, no mess, no fuss.

But wait, here is the best part. You arrive in STYLE. A sexy, sleek black car. You might just start referring to those who hop in an orange cab as amateurs … #JustSayin’.

Okay now GET STARTED. I’ve got my very own promo code for the first 120 NEW USERS to use it in Toronto. It’s good for $15 off your first ride. Want to set out in style this weekend? Get on it: URBANNATIVEGIRL for the win!

@Uber_TOR (Toronto Twitter Account) account – Lucas

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