Two Dogs and a Bear Contest

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Two Dogs and a Bear

I’ve finally got a giveaway for the Urban Native guys! There are two t-shirts up for grabs in this sick design featured above. The design is called ‘Rebel Kings’ and is influenced by great Native male leaders in history.

Screen shot 2013-03-02 at 12.44.14 AMTwo Dogs And A Bear

Topah Spoonhunter (Paiute/Northern Arapaho) is the man behind the company Two Dogs and a Bear. He started the t-shirt company in September 2012 and it’s an independent brand committed to producing quality goods and providing them at affordable prices. His inspiration for our products is drawn from the Native cultures of North America. These cultures have always impressed him and it’s his goal to honor and showcase them in all of his products.


The Contest Deets:

     1.  Check out the Two Dogs And A Bear page for the ‘Rebel Kings’ t-shirt
     2.  Remember one of the eighteen Native male leaders listed as inspiration
     3.  Leave a comment below with one of the male leaders, and your desired size (L, XL, or 2XL)

And that’s all she wrote folks. I’ll randomly select a winner on Friday, March 8th at midnight. Good luck!

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65 Responses to “Two Dogs and a Bear Contest”

  1. Noel

    Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Red Cloud. Living large size these days.

  2. Michael Hutchinson

    I am an admirer of Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph and a "large" Lol!

    • Siobhan

      and by admiral, i meant to type admirable (sigh – long day)

  3. Haley Garcia

    size: XL

    I would really love this shirt for my dad! He would look awesome. :)

  4. Jacqueline Merritt

    I pick Tecumseh because he tried to bring everyone together to take a stand and help fight for they're land but also for aboriginal as a whole !! and Tecumseh is a great role model for one of my good friends and its his bday next week!! so this be the best gift!! ,Size Lg :)

  5. Jerry Bloomfield

    This is a kick ass shirt. Quanah Parker and I'd take a XL.

  6. Jerry Bloomfield

    That is pretty kickass. Quanah Parker and I'd take a XL. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  7. Penni King

    Red Cloud – size Large please and thank you.
    PS – amazing graphics – love them!

  8. Darla

    Hey! I chose Morning Star and would love a size Large.

  9. Alisa Little

    Chief Joseph – still an inspiration in the NW and around the globe

  10. TaVu Chavez

    Crazy Horse for his determination to preserve his people's tradional ways of life. Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse joining forces to take down Custers Calvary, fierce combo. Determination, spirit and committment to his people. 2XL.

  11. coldwinterwind

    Satanta has my respect, as do all the other's mentioned. I'm 170lbs, the tee's are all 100% cotton, they'll shrink to fit 😉

  12. Gina

    Quanah Parker was the last chief of the Commanches and never lost a battle to the white man. size L

  13. Gene R

    "It does not require many words to speak the truth."
    – Chief Joseph

  14. Robert Kiger

    Tecumseh. I often wonder whta might have been if his unification plan was successful. Size large. Wopila.

  15. Lani

    Roman Nose …i like the name …and L …large …

    add Chief Spintlum to the list too! Nlekepmx Pride!


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