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Things have been slow for me on the blog front for the past two months. No, it’s not because I have jumped of the blog train and hopped on the Twitter train (although if you really want to stalk me, that is mos def the way to go). I have been busy with acing my online technology class, freelance writing lifestyle, fashion, and beauty articles, and interning at a lifestyle and a fashion magazine.

These experiences over the summer have begun to propel me forward in a slightly new direction. I am once again exuberant about fashion and beauty. It has begun to overtake my mind (for the billionth time). What that means for this blog is that you can expect more fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and shopping articles than previously in addition to the content you are used to.

I also want to note that there are some great new Native-focused blogs out there that have popped up on the scene and you may enjoy:
1) Life and Times of a Modern Day NDN Princess – a broadcast journalist student who is interested in bringing forth Aboriginal issues to the forefront.
2) Beyond Bucksin – the new kid on the block who is ALL about Native fashion – what’s not to love?
3) The Thing About Skins by Gyasi Ross for Indian Country – an absolute must read for a modern, fun spin on old debates (and some not spoken of publicly).
4) Winnipeg Jules by a Canadian M
étis activist and advocate for Native rights and a whole lot to say.

So as we move forward to fall, I hope you enjoy the new elements to this blog and continue to enjoy what has been offered here to date. Please do comment and feel free to add me on Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace.

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