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Photos from Tomahawk Tassels MySpace

Check out Tomahawk Tassels “The Cherokee Seductress.” She is a burlesque dancer who is based out of New Orleans, but travels to various burlesque shows all over the world (she took part in the London Burlesque Festival last April). Her outfit and her performance are quite campy and kitschy.

She states on her MySpace that her ethnicity is Native American, although she hasn’t responded to my request in further information regarding her heritage. When doing research for a burlesque article for Spirit Magazine last year I realized that there are a lot of debates about who can do ethnicity-based types of burlesque performances. Many don’t feel that it is culturally sensitive to appropriate from other cultures. Also burlesque troupes found that their wasn’t enough cultural diversity represented in the burlesque world.

While Tomahawk Tassels Cherokee status remains unknown, it is clear that their is room for a more diverse population to be represented in the burlesque world. Too bad Tomahawk Tassels burlesque classes are too far to check out.

Photos from Tomahawk Tassels MySpace
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7 Responses to “Tomahawk Tassels”

  1. sondra

    A lot of people now days say they have Indian blood but can't back it up. This is offensive to me as a Native woman.

  2. Lisa ~ Urban Native

    Sondra – yes I do realize that it is hard to back up Native heritage especially in the US in regards to Cherokee status. I know that some people may find this offensive and some may find it interesting – I simply want to share information and let people know what is out there.

  3. Tomahawk Tassels

    I am Cherokee and Irish.My Cherokee blood line is on my father's side. I am not, however, officially registered, and do not currently have contact with my father. I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma,the same land where the Cherokee people once reached the end of their long and devastating journey. Growing up in Oklahoma, I have been exposed to Native American history and culture since I was

  4. Anonymous

    i think this is extremely offensive as you are giving off the romantisized version of what white people have wanted indians to look like. I am doing a paper on media and the indians and have jus realized we as indian people are also enabling the stereotypes. wow so sad

  5. Anonymous

    I think your extremely hot and thanks for doing what you do :)

  6. Sugar

    if you grew up in Tulsa, OK then you are well aware of the fact Tahlequah is less than a hour drive and you just need your Birth Certificate to register as a member of CNO. If it is important then why not have your CDIB card, its really simple. But, for those who are not actually Cherokee and were just led to believe or make false claims that they have Cherokee ancestry (and it is waaaaaaay

  7. Lisa ~ Urban Native

    Blood quantum and registration debates make my skin crawl. People do not have to prove anything for anyone.


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