To BANG or not to BANG that is ze question …

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Recently, I’ve been having a change of heart about my bang situation … I cut them only 2.5 months ago and loved them. But then they grew out in 2 weeks. I was traveling and unable to make it to my stylist. Short sideswept bangs became the order of the day.

Since the first parting of the long Pocahontas hair I’ve had 2 bang trims, which means my bang look has really only been seriously on for about 3 weeks. It all seems so high maintenance, and let’s not even get into the fact that I think my forehead has started producing 400% more oil since the bangs, thus making them look oily all the time. Not hot. Short of carrying dry shampoo and a stylist around with me at all times, I think maybe it’s just time to give it up.

And so I bring the question to you dear readers. Should I continue to bang or not bang? I would like you to vote on my Urban Native Girl Stuff FB page on this blog link posting “BANG” or “not BANG”.

As an added bonus for taking the time to check out the FB page and weigh in on this life or death decision, I’ll be giving away a bottle of Marc Jacobs BANG cologne. This cologne for men launched earlier in the year to a (ahem!) big bang, and it has been well received. I first tried it on a certain somebody and was very pleased with the results. At first it’s very powerful and peppery but when it settles, it’s soft, earthy and straight sexy. They say the notes are a peppery woody spice, which I think is fairly accurate. I think it’s pretty hot.

To be eligible for this contest, you must comment on this link post on the UNGS FB page and be a resident in North America. I will draw in one week. That’s it. So guys, don’t say I never give you anything…

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4 Responses to “To BANG or not to BANG that is ze question …”

  1. Sweet P.

    Beautiful either way, but I feel your pain on all accounts. They are just toooo high maintenance, the oil issue, and for a traveling cosmo fashionista, writers, etc, etc ..such as yourself, I would say no-bang for awhile longer.. that way you can continue to spend more time finding all the fabulous & festive stuff for your loyal readers to check out this season :)

  2. Gloria

    I have been afflicted with this deciasion each and every time I sit in the stylists chair. Too many times I have had to confront the question, to bang or not to bang, and so far, each time I say no. Why? Mostly because the long time "inbetween" liking and not loving my hair. I hated the clips, to hide the awkward length, the hair that grew over your eyes, long hair is just so

  3. Lisa ~ Urban Native

    @Sweet P – I think that's the way I'm leaning too. Thanks for the input!@Gloria – The in-between can e awkward for sure. Totally LOL at "sprouting from my scalp." Thanks for the comment :).


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