Navajo style

War Paint, Really?

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War Paint SkirtI just got a PR email from Unique Vintage showcasing their latest “Splurge versus Steal” – “Get The Look for Less” – etc. etc. All par for the fashion fodder course, but then I saw a cute skirt … look up at the title and see WAR PAINT Sequin Skirt as the descriptor. So after I swallowed hard and clicked the link I found this: Yes you read that right. “Grab a spear and get to it. A fully sequined skirt …” Really? Perhaps they thought they were being clever getting away from using the word ‘Navajo’ in their title but … Continued

Blanket Boots

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Blanket BootsSo of course I clicked the link on the Tweet because I was curious as to what these “Navajo-inspired” boots would actually look like. Thankfully I really like them! These Sorel Chipahko Boots boots are stylish, water and stain resistant, and have a cute little snowflake pattern on the sole that will look adorable tracking behind you as you trench through the snow. I also love how in the video the stylist, Kemal, states how it can be worn with a caramel brown leather (or wool) jacket, or it can be paired with a heavier dark grey flannel type jacket. It gives … Continued