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Native Reappropriation

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Page-1-600Natives are so hot right now. Recently I was interviewed for a documentary and asked the question “If you were to wear a piece of your cultural heritage in an obvious manner out on the street, how would you be treated?” I answered that the Native trend is so huge right now that I’m sure I’d be given looks of approval, and coveted stares if I wore my Nathalie Waldman leather fringed bag or my Manitobah Mukluks out walking down Queen Street in Toronto. The picture is not always so bright. Controversy over cultural appropriation is ripe in the current … Continued

Native Secrets Editorial

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Cover Shot 600Photos from Brink Magazine – October/November 2012 issue This past Wednesday I shared a photo of Jade Willoughby for my ‘Urban Native Girl Wednesdays’ post on the Manitobah Mukluks Facebook Page. It was my most popular post, garnering almost 50 shares. I have written about Ojibway/Jamaican model Jade Willoughby back in September and she has stayed on my radar ever since. Here she is in this spread from BRINK Magazine‘s October/November 2012 issue that I thought I should share. I love that they styled her with a nod to her Native heritage, without making it cheesy, stereotypical, or disrespectful. Kudos … Continued

Native Model Making her Mark

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229293_10150161390687443_82275_nBack when I lived in Vancouver, I took a film and wardrobe styling course. I wanted to be a part of the fashion industry, and while in Vancouver, that is a small arena, so I thought film wardrobe was my way to go. I ended up starting fashion styling instead. I really enjoyed it and desired to become a fashion stylist like those I read about and followed in magazines. A lot of the time I was working with young models as they built their book and needed to gain some experience. I remember one distinct day where I was … Continued

Urban Warrior: Jessica Matten

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JessShotPhoto by Rob Daly Jessica Matten (Saulteaux/Cree and Metis) currently lives in Vancouver (but is Toronto bound soon) and is an Actor/Model, Owner of the Pilot Aboriginal Youth Magazine – “Forward”, Creative Director for Lemon Cree – Aboriginal Fitness and Wellness Program that travels to communities. She is originally from Edmonton, Alberta and has studied Human Ecology at the University of Alberta, and Fashion Marketing at Central Saint-Martins. She tells UNG the ten things she can’t live without. 1) My iphone – its my alarm clock first and foremost. It is also one of the main things I rely on for business in … Continued