Native Appropriations

Native Reappropriation

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Page-1-600Natives are so hot right now. Recently I was interviewed for a documentary and asked the question “If you were to wear a piece of your cultural heritage in an obvious manner out on the street, how would you be treated?” I answered that the Native trend is so huge right now that I’m sure I’d be given looks of approval, and coveted stares if I wore my Nathalie Waldman leather fringed bag or my Manitobah Mukluks out walking down Queen Street in Toronto. The picture is not always so bright. Controversy over cultural appropriation is ripe in the current … Continued

Let’s give the headdress a rest

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US-VICTORIA'S SECRETPhoto from Mail Online. It’s only been one week since No Doubt took their video down after the outcry from Native Americans, First Nations, and their allies after their ‘Looking Hot’ video was released. I wrote about it on Tuesday for The Guardian. After the posting, there was still outrage from Indigenous people as to how the video was made in the first place, and from non-Indigenous people still wondering what the big deal is. “It’s just a music video.” “It’s artistic expression.” “I’m Native, and it doesn’t offend me.” Oh great. Even after reading numerous posts and explanations on why … Continued