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imagineNATIVE Internship

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Screen Shot 2012-11-02 at 5.54.19 PMWhen I worked at imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival back in 2008, I never imagined that 4 years later I’d be coming back to cover the festival for CBC. But that’s just the simple twist of fate that happened for the 13th annual festival that happened a few weeks ago. I submitted my application for the CBC imagineNATIVE Internship and was selected to create the official CBC Arts & Entertainment content during the festival. During my internship, I created four posts for CBC A&E online, interviewed Producer Lisa Meeches, Actor Tamara Podemski, and Executive Director Jason Ryle. I also … Continued

In Her Footsteps: The story of Kateri Tekakwitha

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DVD CoverDid you hear all the buzz on the canonization of a Mohawk saint, Kateri, in Rome last Sunday? Are you not really sure what that was all about? The Montreal Gazette has a great write up here, but if you want the quick low down, here goes … Kateri Tekakwitha was a woman born in the late 17th century in modern day New York. She was the daughter of a Mohawk chief and an Algonquin mother. Smallpox took her brother and her parents, and she was left scarred and with poor eyesight. She was taken in by her maternal uncle … Continued