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Seeking #IdleNoMore Youth

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Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 3.05.30 PMI’m co-editing a book with Annick Press about Indigenous youth called The Things That Shaped Us and as a part of this book we want to have a four page spread showcasing the voices of youth activists who are/were involved in #IdleNoMore. What we are looking for: -Pictures, poems, artwork, and quotes from Native American, First Nations, Metis and Inuit youth (under the age of 35) who participated/are participating in the #IdleNoMore movement -Please answer one of these three questions with a three sentence answer with your submission: Why did you choose to participate in Idle No More? How do you think your participation in … Continued

Northern Nurses Needed

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Disccovery-College-Photo11Back on my reserve in the Interior of BC, if you wanted to see a nurse you went to the trailer by the snack shop. It looks a bit dilapitated, and the trailer seems slightly askew, as if one of the four wooden blocks holding it up is a few inches short, giving you the uneasy feeling when trying to balance beverages on top of a wobbly table. This is the nursing station, where one person is there to service the entire community’s varied health needs. The nearest hospital is an hour and a half away, and for those without … Continued

Ladies Xmas Gift Guide

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xmas gift guideBack by popular demand! Once again this year I’m bringing you the xmas gift guides with my top ten picks in each category. To kick of the series, I will start with women because really aren’t we just shopping for ourselves most of the time anyways? I’ve revamped my Pinterest boards where I collected all of my ideas before narrowing them down and posting so be sure to follow me on Pinterest to get all the goods! Hand Painted Pottery Earrings. SheLah Nanabah Designs. $18 USD (Native Made) These pops of pink on the ears are fun and a little … Continued

Danny Kass + Oakley = Totem Terror

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oakley-danny-kass-collection-1Photo from The Combined. Pro Snowboarder Danny Kass has released a new line of sunglasses and goggles with Oakley entitled ‘Totem’ Frogskins. Both of the designs clearly have a northwest coast style vibe. According to the site “It’s rich with Native American art that inspired the two-time Olympic silver medalist when he visited the Blackfeet reservation in Montana.” In Montana?  It’s a very confusing inspiration source indeed, when geographically it doesn’t make any sense. Thankfully the color is called “Peace Pipe” just in case we weren’t sure whether it was a blanket Pan-Indian design approach to the line.  Image from Vertical … Continued

Let’s give the headdress a rest

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US-VICTORIA'S SECRETPhoto from Mail Online. It’s only been one week since No Doubt took their video down after the outcry from Native Americans, First Nations, and their allies after their ‘Looking Hot’ video was released. I wrote about it on Tuesday for The Guardian. After the posting, there was still outrage from Indigenous people as to how the video was made in the first place, and from non-Indigenous people still wondering what the big deal is. “It’s just a music video.” “It’s artistic expression.” “I’m Native, and it doesn’t offend me.” Oh great. Even after reading numerous posts and explanations on why … Continued

Indigenous Peoples Day

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217857_10151143673432904_1688503646_nJohnny knows what’s up This year, just like every year, I was asked to join in on some Thanksgiving feasts here in Ontario. My brothers and their children are in the interior of BC, and my mom is now in Arizona, so there is no real family turkey dinner for me, and there hasn’t been for some time. Over the years, I have mostly not taken part in Thanksgiving dinners, and the few times that I have joined families, it has been nothing short of awkward. This one time I had agree to “celebrate” Thanksgiving at this Muskoka mansion cottage … Continued

Acimowin: To Tell a Story

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Screen Shot 2012-09-20 at 9.22.57 PMLast March Megan Bertasson (Whitebear Woman, Wolf Woman) made a moving talk at TedXYorkU on storytelling and it’s importance for the Cree Nations. Not only for Cree Nations, but this story was one that touched my soul. And if you take the 12 minutes to watch this, it will touch yours as well. I tell this story because I believe that one of the most important defence that Aboriginal Peoples have engaged in has been storytelling.” Megan Bertasson

Brittany Bitternose for Miss Canada Globe ’12

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555659_431109616906148_886495601_nHave you heard? Brittany Bitternose  (Cree, Treaty 4, member of George Gordon First Nation) is running for Miss Canada Globe ’12 today in Toronto. Here are a few questions about her title and her dream this weekend … What inspired you to run for Miss Canada Globe? I never sought out the pageant on  my own, one of their recruiters approached me on Facebook and asked if I would review their website and consider applying. I feel when opportunities present themselves I shouldn’t let them pass by, I would have felt regret if I hadn’t at least gave it a chance to … Continued