Moccasin Magic

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OUtfit 600The weather in Toronto has been totally weird lately. Well I guess that’s what it’s like everywhere these days with climate change. Anywhoo, it’s kind of warm and kind of cool these days, but at least there’s sunshine in my life. My outfit here is my new Manitobah Mukluk Paddle Grain Moccasins in stone, Citizens of Humanity denim shorts, a T n A fake Cowichan sweater,  classic Carrera sunglasses, and these silver round earrings that I got from Winners.   The earrings remind me of the decals on pow wow dancers belts or like a shield. I love this fake Cowichan … Continued

Native Reappropriation

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Page-1-600Natives are so hot right now. Recently I was interviewed for a documentary and asked the question “If you were to wear a piece of your cultural heritage in an obvious manner out on the street, how would you be treated?” I answered that the Native trend is so huge right now that I’m sure I’d be given looks of approval, and coveted stares if I wore my Nathalie Waldman leather fringed bag or my Manitobah Mukluks out walking down Queen Street in Toronto. The picture is not always so bright. Controversy over cultural appropriation is ripe in the current … Continued

Wahine: Warrior Princess Editorial

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Warrior1The fashion industry’s affinity for “tribal” things is insatiable. This editorial spread found in The Ones To Watch Magazine is entitled Wahine: Warrior Princess. In the intro to the issue, they state the following on their website: From the Far East to the Andes, our lives are so similiar and yet so different. In Issue #23, we wanted to bring a touch of other cultures to our editorials – from the iconic throwaway fashion of Taiwan [Made in Taiwan], the quintessentially British rock’n’roll subculture [New Boots], and the Peruvian Christmas tradition ofTakanakuy, to a little all-around exotica [Wahine / The Little Ethnic … Continued

Ladies Xmas Gift Guide

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xmas gift guideBack by popular demand! Once again this year I’m bringing you the xmas gift guides with my top ten picks in each category. To kick of the series, I will start with women because really aren’t we just shopping for ourselves most of the time anyways? I’ve revamped my Pinterest boards where I collected all of my ideas before narrowing them down and posting so be sure to follow me on Pinterest to get all the goods! Hand Painted Pottery Earrings. SheLah Nanabah Designs. $18 USD (Native Made) These pops of pink on the ears are fun and a little … Continued

Blanket Boots

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Blanket BootsSo of course I clicked the link on the Tweet because I was curious as to what these “Navajo-inspired” boots would actually look like. Thankfully I really like them! These Sorel Chipahko Boots boots are stylish, water and stain resistant, and have a cute little snowflake pattern on the sole that will look adorable tracking behind you as you trench through the snow. I also love how in the video the stylist, Kemal, states how it can be worn with a caramel brown leather (or wool) jacket, or it can be paired with a heavier dark grey flannel type jacket. It gives … Continued

Let’s give the headdress a rest

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US-VICTORIA'S SECRETPhoto from Mail Online. It’s only been one week since No Doubt took their video down after the outcry from Native Americans, First Nations, and their allies after their ‘Looking Hot’ video was released. I wrote about it on Tuesday for The Guardian. After the posting, there was still outrage from Indigenous people as to how the video was made in the first place, and from non-Indigenous people still wondering what the big deal is. “It’s just a music video.” “It’s artistic expression.” “I’m Native, and it doesn’t offend me.” Oh great. Even after reading numerous posts and explanations on why … Continued

Sage Paul Fashion Show

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40061-199x3001Tonight is the night! I’ll be hosting the Sage Paul Fashion Show that will be taking place at the Harbourfront Center, Red Path Stage. The action gets started at 7 PM and it’s a full hour performance so come on by for this free Planet IndigenUS event before you get your night started! Kitsune Soleil wearing SPs ‘Smoke Dress’ Sera-Lys McArthur wearing SPs Traditional Kimono, and Dancer sleeveless top. Jade Willoughby Micheal Solomon The fashion show will feature her Fall/Winter ’12 Synaptic City collection as well as an original wearable art collection inspired by traditional Native regalia. The models will … Continued

Gonged on the Gatherer

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tumblr_m6z8h2gQnd1qlo7suo1_500It all started with a Tweet. Way back when almost three years ago I received a Tweet from a reporter who was writing about Aboriginal fashion for Metro News who needed some tips. I made a few suggestions and she came up with a great piece that featured both Manitobah Mukluks (MM) and Louie Gong. When it was published, MM saw the Louie light and were enchanted with his work. One thing leads to another and BAM we get a mash up. Meet the Louie Gong Gatherer Mukluk. It is divine. I was nearly obsessive about it from the moment I … Continued