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Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

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tumblr_mdog7jOHUo1qgc2tqo1_500  Photo by Alexandra Cameron I’ve been thinking a lot about the missing and murdered woman all across Canada. So when this article ‘On the front lines of the missing and murdered women tragedy, pain never fades (which talks about the women in Winnipeg) came across my radar, I delved in. “If native women are constructed as ‘easy squaws’ and are locked into this imagery through the behaviour of individuals, they will continue to be rendered worthless in public institutions such as courtrooms or hospitals,” wrote aboriginal author and researcher Kim Anderson, in A Recognition of Being: Reconstructing Native Womanhood. “If we … Continued

Acimowin: To Tell a Story

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Screen Shot 2012-09-20 at 9.22.57 PMLast March Megan Bertasson (Whitebear Woman, Wolf Woman) made a moving talk at TedXYorkU on storytelling and it’s importance for the Cree Nations. Not only for Cree Nations, but this story was one that touched my soul. And if you take the 12 minutes to watch this, it will touch yours as well. I tell this story because I believe that one of the most important defence that Aboriginal Peoples have engaged in has been storytelling.” Megan Bertasson