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This past week has been a beautiful whirlwind that started with picking up a shiny 2012 Infiniti QX56 thanks to @InfinitiCanada! This SUV is an absolute dream and I have been looking forward to my cottage vacation not only for dock time, but also for the driving time.

Also my brother was in town from BC for the AFN elections, so it was perfect for being able to take him out for a drive to Parkdale so we could nosh at Keriwa Cafe. He was most impressed by the sheer size of the vehicle and how easy it was to park in the city. There is an around view monitor with a front and rear system sonar. Cameras for parallel parking are key!

Then there was that evening drive with a gorgeous sunset headed up to the Muskoka cottage. I used the GPS system to find my way there, and it found the location which is amazing because Google Maps doesn’t even have it proper. I have been lucky enough these past four years to go crash someone’s cottage up there at least once a year and I am always thankful. This year Wood Lake was on the menu and it did not disappoint.

Chilling out maxing, relaxing all cool, and all playing some Scrabble outside of the rules. It was a glorious five days spent mostly reading , eating and playing games. I mostly loved having a BBQ every single night. I am *convinced* that is how it should be all the time. A BBQ purchase ensues.

Just how can I say goodbye to all this gorgeousness?

One last jump.

It really blends into cottage life. Just like me.

This Infiniti QX56 has tons of room. It can seat 8 and haul a boat.

No need to back up. The camera has got you covered for tight turns.

The ride back was a dream as I listened to RDIO streaming from my iPhone with the Bose surround system sound. It even showed what I was playing on the screen. If I had little brats friends in the backseat, they could watch DVDs on the way back to keep them quiet. This vehicle is so technologically advanced it is brilliant. No seriously. If you wander out of your lane a little bit the care beeps at you as the cameras always have you covered. Also you can set a cruise control so that you follow a safe distance from the car ahead of you. If they break or another car cuts in and slows you down, the cruise control adjusts. No moar stopping and restarting cruise control! That is the best for long drives on the highway, and a feature I could have used during my years on the road as a recruitment officer.

I drove to and back to Muskoka, to and from the airport, to Scarborough and around town twice all on 1.25 tanks of gas. I was really pleasantly surprised that the gas mileage was stupendous considering it is a 400 Horsepower V8. Oh and the best part when you are driving this you have supreme baller status. I might have even said bawse aloud a few times while driving it. Yeah, that happened. After testing this bad boy out, I have definitely fell in #InfinitLove.


 Bye Wood Lake! I hope to see you in August …

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