Singin’ in the Rain

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I’m at 0:52 on the far right. Blink and you might miss me …
 I don’t blend well …
Photo by Rachael McCaig

The weather here in LA is kind of rainy lately, and it’s been putting my hair to the test. Thankfully, I’m prepared. Last month I was invited by Ogilvy PR (shot out to Terri!) to join 13 other social media mavens from across Canada to be on a music video that is streaming on Dove Canada’s social media channels. There I was given Dove Nourishing Oil Care products which I brought with me on my LA trip.

 My beauty dream team (courtesy of Judy Inc.) Tami El Sombati and Shobanna Lakkavally
Hair and makeup, check. 
Thanks for the great bang trim Tami!
 Me and Mark Townsend
And the worst iPhone photo award goes to …

On set we had our hair styled and our makeup did (by my gf Shobbanna Lakkavally no less). The whole look was overseen by celebrity hair stylist Mark Townsend. He was super nice, down to earth, and took time to talk to all of us social media mavens on set. The Dove Nourishing Oil Care system which was used that day I have been putting to the test over here in LA. Trust me, it keeps my hair soft and sleek despite the weather.

Catherine Connors, Alison Kramer, Yukari Peerless, Moi, and ze fabulous Katia Miller.
The full meal deal.
Check out how fabulous the wardrobe stylist is.
She was even wearing a suede medicine pouch with those biker boots. 

  AJ Jones and I. I’m kind of glowing.

After we got suited up, we had about an hour to work with the choreographers. One of which was AJ Jones, the man responsible for the Usher OMG video. He’s also worked with Madonna, and on the Dreamgirls movie. Kind of awesome. The steps were simple but it was great to get them all down with the group but once we got on the big set and not in the rehearsal space we were bugging out.

 The set complete with fake rain and a few squeegee guys.
Bloggging babes.
Photo by Rachael McCaig.
Oh hai.
My only screen shot and my eyes are closed.
Oh well, at least my hair looks good.
All of the social media mavens selected to be Dove Canada real women.
Photo by Rachael McCaig. 
It’s a wrap.
Photo by Rachael McCaig. 
Can we party down now?
Phew! Once we got our dance sequence out of the way on set we were all of to our wrap party, which was also at Showline Studios where we go to mix and mingle a little more. I even met my previous stylist, Erica Quinn, who I got to hang out with for the afternoon. I’m not sure why we didn’t get a photo together but I digress.

 The lovely Kaita Millar of Positive Fabulous Women.

 Jillian Walker is a total doll.
Photo by Rachael McCaig.

 This may or may have not have been at a Tuesday at 4 PM.
Photo by Rachael McCaig.
The whole day was pretty amazing and a bit surreal. I’m used to being on set as a stylist or prop stylist, not as the star (okay well one of a gaggle but I felt star-ish). Anywhoo, I am so happy that I was able to be a part of this. I got my first ACTRA gig under my trenchcoat belt, I gets to keep that cute outfit below (which apparently boys think is super cute) and I have an upcoming giveaway for Dove Canada Nourishing Oil products so stay tuned for that in the next day or two.
 Gonna rawk this when it warms up Toronto …
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  1. Karm

    Cool commercial (: You are awesome. I think it was fabulous (fabolous?) hehe

  2. MCat20

    This is awesome! You look gorgeous! I expect nothing less from you. =)

  3. Lisa ~ Urban Native

    @Karm @MCAT @CultureShockJewelry – Thanks so much guys!@Biskakone – enter to win!!!


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