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A few weeks ago I got really sick. Like really sick. I was stuck in bed for almost an entire week and slept about 20 hours a day. It was really not fun. It did however begin to change my life. I realized that I cannot keep going on at the pace that I have been going and that I need to stop, reassess and re-prioritize everything in my life. I was already headed in this direction prior to getting sick, but the illness reminded me how important it is to get my life in balance.

So I have spent the past weekend at home and going through the physical items in my life. Yesterday I brought 7 large shopping bags full of stuff I no longer need. I am looking at everything I own and asking myself if I love it. If the answer is no than out it goes. I am needing to reduce the number of items that I own and make sure that everything that I own is serving a greater purpose in my life. This has started to also penetrate other areas of my life, like my friendships, relationships and whom I choose to spend my time with.

As I move forward I am really looking at the bigger picture and the shape that I want my life to take. I have taken the time to write out my goals, create a vision board and get my intentions set to what is really important for me. This means the editing of my life has started to take place, and future goals take prominence. I have been in this place before but somehow I let it all get off track as I worked through ending my last relationship and the heartache, discontent, and the chaos that followed. I allowed myself to get thrown off my game and now I am ready to get back in the arena.

Game on.

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  1. Tanis

    Go get it girl! Very inspiring post. I am in the midst of doing an overhaul of the stuff too…I'm with ya!


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