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Last week was such a beautiful and blissful journey. I feel so blessed as every day the Creator gives me more and more to be thankful for in this life. I had the Aboriginal Awareness Days and Pow Wow at York University this past week and it was my first year in helping organize this fabulous event.

It kicked off with the Aboriginal Youth Education Day where I brought in local Native youth from the GTA and London to visit the campus and learn about the post-secondary options that they have when graduating high school.

 Moi and Ashley at the Opening Ceremonies at York U.

I brought in Ashley Callingbull, Miss Canada International, whom I met last year when we both spoke at the All-Ivy Native Council Summit at Harvard University. She shared then with the students of her journey from an abusive household to studying hard and getting good grades so that she could go to university. She’s a double major in Physics and Drama at Concordia University in Edmonton and is graduating this year. Come fall she’s on full scholarship to Caltech where she is doing her Masters in Physics and she hopes to work for NASA one day. That is one talented young woman and she did such a great job inspiring the youth to pursue their education. You can hear her story above, it was not recorded at York, but you can get the idea. She is most recently in Blackstone on APTN, so be sure to check her out on the show!

Video of Jacob Pratt playing his Native flute. Excuse my awesome iPhone videography skills.

Jacob Pratt was also a guest speaker who is a traditional Native flute player, a traditional dancer, hoop dancer, actor/model, and a business student at First Nations University. He was able to share his music and his love for education (he is considering his MBA after graduation) with the youth. Jacob has a CD release coming up in April so be on the lookout, or pre-order yours today.

 The Prairie Dream Team (and moi) at the Opening Ceremonies. 
Hanging at the Opening Ceremonies. Photo by Victoria Vaughan.
Lamb at Ki.

The invited youth had a great day learning about post-secondary options, hanging out with the two guests, and getting York U swag. On Wednesday night before the big edcuation day we all went out for a big dinner at Ki to welcome both Jacob and Ashley to Toronto.

It was so sad to say goodbye again …
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