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This is one of my favorite posts in the year. Not only because it’s full of all of the wonderful things that I truly am lusting after, but because it sets intention. Last year was my first year doing my top 12 things that I wanted, and you know what? I got 8/12 of them. Pretty nice odds. Not all of them were for Christmas, and not all were gifts, but I still was happy to get those things I felt I needed/wanted most. So this year it’s not so much as an xmas wish list as it is a “things I want to get in 2011″ list.

Mint GlazeFX. $22.

I am slightly obsessed with this product. Nothing gets my lips feeling conditioned and soft as this product does. Nothing. I would like a case of these so I can have one at my desk, one in my purse, one on my nightstand, one in my laptop bag … you get the picture. And then to have a bunch around to replace each one hidden just where I might need it. I can’t get enough. It has this slight peppermint flavour too, so you know it’s festive.

Raven Earrings. $130.

Earlier this year I got some sterling silver raven post earrings from the Cedar Root Gallery in Vancouver. I lost one of them while I was out on the road traveling and I freaked out. I immediately ordered another pair. There is something about wearing silver jewelry designed with my clan on it that I just love. If I have a special day or I feel like I need some extra guidance, I put on my raven earrings and all is okay. So clearly I need more. I love this dangly pair by Alano Edzerza.

Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock. $250.

I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) otherwise known as “not living in LA”. This kind of alarm clock is supposed to be great for helping me get out of bed. The light comes on gradually (from 30 minutes to 2 hours) and simulates the real sun rising. Imagine that – faking a season. Pair that with my humidifier and it’s no wonder how I’ll survive this winter with all this pretending. Anywhoo, I think it would be helpful to wake up gradually and semi-naturally so I’d like to give it a whirl.

Cashmere Hoodie. $365.

When I was in LA in 2009 and out at a club I put down my black cashmere hoodie on a banquette while I boogied to some house music. After only 15 minutes it promptly disappeared. Lesson learned. But now I am always pining after it. Especially when I am traveling by plane. There is nothing cozier than a cashmere hoodie, even with the slightest chill.

Beaver Trapper Hat. $240.

I’m not sure if you got the memo but it’s cold outside in Toronto. Like freezing. And it’s only going to get worse. Facing walking and waiting for transit in these sub-arctic temperatures soon, I want to arm myself and really get warm. Enter beaver trapper hat. I had an ex a friend who owned one and let me tell you it was amazing. So chic, so warm, nothing could beat it. It turns out it’s because beaver fur is the warmest of all furs with the density at 10, 000 hairs per square cm. Next on the list – beaver long johns.

 Digital Camera. $350. 

I didn’t get my Canon DSLR that I was lusting after last year. And this year my point-and-shoot digital camera got a magnet near it’s screen so now I hate it and want to replace it. This fabulous camera takes awesome pictures that are great in low-light situations (which is when all the good times occur). Thanks to one of my besties, Kateryna, I now want this camera, the Canon Powershot S90. Plus she can show me how to use it.

Canada Goose Coat. $515.

I am not sure if I complained enough yet about how cold it is in Canada yet, so here I go again. Imagine waiting 15+ minutes with freezing cold wind blowing into your chilled bones at 7 AM. Hopefully that won’t be as painful with a tried, tested, and true Canada Goose Parka like this Montebello version. It is actually now made from duck, which I think is just as warm as it’s a 625 fill power insulation. Me likey. Me want.

Mackage Coat. $565.

I have wanted a fall, wool coat by Mackage since I first witnessed them on the runway at Toronto Fashion Week five years ago. Their jackets are stylish, sexy and practical. Of course they come from Montreal. But on a student budget I couldn’t bring myself to indulge this much. But now that I am a professional woman I need a stylish fall coat … like this LYNN version.

iPad. $880.

Does this really need an explanation? I didn’t get a netbook last year so now I want the iPad with a keyboard for play and for blogging. It also replaces the e-book reader desire (that I also didn’t get last year). It’s like 3 gifts in one. Great value ;).

Structured Black Purse. $3230.

Clearly I have stellar taste in purses. Seriously though I need a black leather structured purse to bring around with me to conferences, meetins, etc. I have a hobo style bag that was awesome when I was a student but now I am all grown up and I need something more professional. Obviously I want one that is designer as well because I am odd like that. I don’t have to have everything designer, but I like a little status now and again. This one is called Stellar PM and yes it is stellar.

 Audi S5. $60,000.

Yes I know this is a little ridiculous for a wish list, but a girl has got to dream big right? And this is the car I want. I love that the car‘s not too long (perfect for parallel parking in the city) and is still sexy and sporty. Just my style. I’d like one in black por favor.

Condo/Townhouse. $400,000.

Okay so maybe I won’t get my dream place (the Richmond townhouse pictured above – it’s a cool mill) for $400 K, but I would be happy with a two bedroom condo or townhouse in the downtown area that is close to transit. And yes granite countertops with stainless steel appliances are non-negotiable. *Crossing fingers* for a mortgage approval (blech student loan debt).

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