Mohawk Girls gets greenlight

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My heart sung with joy when I watched the pilot of ‘Mohawk Girls‘ on APTN. Finally there was a show that had Native women in it that was dealing with issues that I could relate to, with characters I could identify with. It was about a 2 year wait between the broadcast of that initial pilot and the news that came last night that the show is greenlit, but who cares? I am glad it’s finally happening!

OMNI Television and APTN will broadcast the six-part series, which is produced by Montreal based Rezolution Pictures. The pilot for Mohawk Girls was selected during the 2010 Cannes Film Festival to be a finalist in the first-ever International Pilots Competition at the Banff World Television Festival.

The series follows four twenty-something Native women on their journey in Kahnawake, a reserve just outside of Montreal. Pictured above is Maika Harper, Kaniehtiio Horn, Heather White, and Brittany LeBorgne. Also joining the cast is Glen Gould, Kyle Nobess, and Rachelle White Wind.

“From the creator to the cast, this series represents a new wave in Aboriginal talent,” said Rezolution Producer Christina Fon, “The series is about dealing with cultural obligations, social pressures, and deciding who you want to be as an adult. Those issues resonate with people from every ethnicity and background.”

Mohawk Girls is directed by Gemini Award-winning Tracey Deer who also serves as executive producer. Cynthia Knight is the series showrunner. Executive producers for Rezolution Pictures are Catherine Bainbridge Christina Fon, Linda Ludwick and Ernest Webb.

The show is set to film next spring in Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, and there will be more information released soon about the air dates. I know I’ll be tuned in and hosting live Twitter feeds. I just can’t wait!

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3 Responses to “Mohawk Girls gets greenlight”

  1. Shelby Chubb

    Holy crap this is amazing! Finally women on screen who look like me, but not like a stereotype!

  2. love~lee nguyen

    ……so awesome can't wait for more to come my lil brother is on the show ­čśë yeah way to go guy's keep the show's coming cuz i sooo can't wait to see more and more <3 much love guy's pls more show's


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