It’s a wrap

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I saw these stunning photographs in a House & Home Magazine last November. It reminded me of a season that I was a prop stylist assistant and during holiday shoots I was given the great honour of wrapping the gifts because I could do it like a pro.

I spent years of creating the perfectly polished present. I would scour for beautiful wrap and have even gone as far as creating my own wrapping paper with vintage style photocopied photos and added gold accents. My favourite classic is to use plain brown postal paper and elegant ribbons and decals to add to the gift.

About three years ago I gave up my Martha Stewart tendencies and succumbed to that hideous wrap that is found in generic box stores everywhere with a ribbon that you stick on. Not my finest moments, but I wasn’t into Christmas in general so the gifts were sparse.

I can’t say that I’ve entirely gotten my Christmas spirit back but it’s slowly rekindling. With beautiful images like this, it really makes me want to go all out on my wrapping once again. I love the feather accents. Maybe you will be inspired to create just the perfectly wrapped gift for those you love.

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4 Responses to “It’s a wrap”

  1. Lisa ~ Urban Native

    @Frandroid – no I didn't bother taking any pics since I have downscaled my wrapping efforts as of late …

  2. Lisa ~ Urban Native

    @LadyBlues – I hope next year I'll get the inspiration fully on to re-create it :).


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