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isKwé has been one of my close friends since she let me come and take over crash her life in LA a few years ago. While I was there driving around her car, I popped in one of her CDs which had a few rough cuts of her songs ‘Wandering’ and ‘Recycled’. I immediately fell in love with both of these songs and have been waiting for her to make it big since. She has the kind of determination to live for art that is truly inspirational to witness.

So here’s a bit of great news … she has been accepted to the Diverse as this Land – Voice Intensive Workshop at the Banff Center for the Arts this July 7 – 15 on a scholarship. Fantastic! Except … that she needs additional support to get to Banff. Having just come from Banff and witnessed it’s extraordinary artistic landscape, I can see why this will be a valuable time for her musical development.

She has finished her album and it’s sent off to be mixed and mastered, and is hoping to get additional performance feedback and add new vocal exercises before she begins to tour her album. So if you have any extra funds kicking around to support this Cree crooner, please feel free to visit her PayPal account to help her with her goal to raise $1000 to cover her flight and shuttle to Banff. Let’s get this girl wandering … over to Banff!

If you haven’t got any extra funds kicking around, no worries. You can always help out artists by spreading the good word. Check out her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter, and keep yourself posted for the release of her album and her upcoming tour. This chica is one force to be reckoned with, and I *cannot wait* to see how her career transforms after this next step in her singing career.

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