Holy Cowichan

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Meghan Fox wearing a TNA sweater
TNA Fall ’09 Design
TNA Fall ’09 Cowichan-inspired toque
Granted Fall ’09 Design
Granted Fall ’09 Design
Granted Fall ’09 Design
Granted Fall ’09 Cowinchan-inspired men’s vest
Granted Fall ’09 Cowichan-inspired legwarmers – cuuute!

I have been lusting after a Cowichan sweater these past few seasons. Unfortunately I only seem to come across the ones from TNA at Aritzia. I just can’t get over their logo in the Cowichan design, however I like the snug fit of their sweaters. Their is Granted clothing in Vancouver that makes some wicked designs, but are a little pricey because they are all hand made in Vancouver and use 100% pure new wool, merino wool and possum-blend wool.

They originally hailed from the Coast Salish people of southern Vancouver Island who have produced these sweaters for nearly a century. Although they were weaving before European contact, once knitting was introduced they began to produce these warm sweaters and making a fashion classic from the Cowichan Valley.

Although I found some online stores selling authentic Cowichan sweaters, none that were visually appealing website designs that had modern styling and a modern take on them. It would be great if there was a young Native designer that would fill this niche – and maybe even produce a design in a cashmere hoodie – now that I would be all over!

Don’t just don’t – wear with denim only
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9 Responses to “Holy Cowichan”

  1. iskwemuzik

    I actually clipped some pix from a magazine on the designs that I'm most obsessed with!

  2. Lisa ~ Urban Native

    Craigslist is a great idea! Save a few hundred dollars I am sure and get vintage cred :).

  3. commonculturephotos

    I don't know if I am too late with this comment but TNA did make it usual cowichan this year with NO LOGO. very exciting

  4. Lisa ~ Urban Native Girl

    Not too late … sweet! I must have missed them in my last check in the store.

  5. Lisa ~ Urban Native

    Raymi – yes me too! Got one (sans logo) from TNA/Aritizia but can't wait until I can afford one of those Granted sweaters, those are sweet but like $300 :(.

  6. Jared

    Hi Lisa:From my understanding, Granted is produced in Vancouver (Coast Salish land) by non-native knitters. (Although Four Horsemen in Victoria describe Granted sweaters as "Cowichans".) Do you think that their sweaters count as cultural appropriation? I'd like a fitted sweater but I don't want to steal the Cowichan people's intellectual property and deprive them


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