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1. Bill Reid Latte Mug by the Canadian Museum of Civilization. $10. 

For the coffee loving man, why not give him a gorgeous Bill Reid mug? It sure beats that Homer Simpson one he’s been holding onto. This design is the “Children of the Raven”, which was designed by Bill Reid in 1976 and it celebrates the creation of humankind by Raven. That we he can start each day with not only a reminder of you, but also a reminder for the appreciation of life.

2. Native Reflections Calendar. $15.

Well what young Native man doesn’t want to have a calendar full of a bevvy of brown beauties? Native women like Nadya Kwandibens, Julie Lafreniere, and Lisa Odjig are in this years edition, to name a few. You may have noticed my face there too (shameless self plug). This tasteful calendar might even inspire the young lady in your household too as most of the “models” have accomplished a great deal and are striving to achieve more.

It’s no secret that some guys like to rock (heck I know a lot of girls who love to as well). Derek Miller, from Six Nation in Ontario, is awesome to watch do his thing. Pick up his live concert DVD that was recorded in Toronto for the guitar loving guy in your life.
4. Smoked Salmon in Cedar Box. $38. 

Sometimes there is that person on your list who is kind of hard to buy for. Maybe you don’t know him that well, or maybe he seems to not be into “material things.” Chances are, though, that he likes to eat. These gifts of smoked salmon are not only pretty to look at, they are also delicious to nosh on. This is the traditional Haida way to present gifts of food in decorated cedar boxes, and what a beautiful way to do it! The Haida artist’s work is Don Yeomans and it is silkscreened on reclaimed cedar. Hopefully he’ll share some with you.

 5. ‘I Heart Rez Girls’ Hoodie by Cheef Trading. $45.

For the younger guy on your list (or maybe just the young at heart) this hoodie is sure to be a hit. Not only will it make everyone giggle when he opens it, but it will also make the girls a little ga-ga at the next pow wow on his trail. It’s made by Cheef Trading, which is based in LA, and  is dyed with a low impact dye as well as being made from party recycled materials.

6. Thunderbird Shoes by VOX and Native Threads. $50. 

Just when you thought there couldn’t be another Native-inspired shoe on the market, along came these bad boys. They are very eye-catching and pretty hip to boot. This limited edition shoe is a mix of turquoise suede and black canvas so make sure the receiver knows not to wear these in the wet or snow.

7. Black Formline Hoodie by Alano Edzerza Hoodie. $70. 

Alano Edzerza, Raven Clan of the Tahltan Nation, has been on a high since he designed the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Netherland team uniforms. While we await his new unveiling of let’s take in one of his tried, tested and true hoodies, the black formline. It is sleek, sophisticated, understated and cool.

8. Silver Letter Opener by Berna Koinva via Heard Museum. $195.

For the man who has everything, a silver letter opener might just do the trick. Or perhaps for the young executive who is working his way to the top. This letter opener is by Hopi artist Koinva and is sure to impress him every day as he opens his very important mail.

9. ‘One Destiny’ Cologne by Native for Men. $120.

There is nothing like a fresh scent to invigorate and spice things up a bit. This eau du toilette is light, modern and inspired by the fresh sea, warm sun, and richness of the earth. These colognes are all the way from New Zealand so be sure to order quickly to get it in time for the big day.

 10. Guitar Print by Red Works Studios. $155.

Take a great photographer, Nadya Kwandibens, add a print on canvas (10 x 15) and you have some affordable art that will last him for years to come. This guitar with the Woodland style beaded band is perfect inspiration for the modern Native guy who loves his music.

P.S. Also check out the Gift Guide for Him from 2009 if you want more ideas! 

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3 Responses to “Gift guide for him”

  1. Anishinaabekwe

    I have always liked guys stuff and the colors guys get more so than "girls" stuff. So I like a lot of the stuff in this gift guide including: the mug, the thunderbird shoes and the black formline hoodie. I may get the hoodie for myself… :)

  2. silver

    I actually bought a pendleton purse from nightowlmarket for my auntie and I admore powwowbaby's etsy shop too! Nice gift picks, girl! Love it!!

  3. Lisa ~ Urban Native

    @Anishinaabekwe – sweet! I am so glad you like some stuffs :). I am thinking of doing gifts by personality type rather than gender for next year …@silver – I love Pendleton purses – so glad you get to share the love with family. Thanks for reading :).


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