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1. Poneasequa Book by Stephanie A. Duckworth-Ellio via the Heard Museum. $13. This book is for ages 9-12 and tells the tale of a young Native girl trying to fit in. She learns of her Wampanoag culture and comes to terms with being herself and being proud of her Native American heritage. A great story for those who face daily trials of fitting in today’s society.

2. Coyote Falls in Love with a Star Book by Marty Kreipe de Montano (Potawatomi) and illustrated by Tom Coffin (Potawatomi-Creek) via Native Museum of American Indians. $15.

This book is a part of the NMAI Tales of the People series of children’s books that celebrate Native American culture with both illustrations and stories by Native artists and writers. The story is all about Coyote who leaves the Potawatomi rez in Kansas for the bright lights and big city in New York, but finds one bright light that he likes the most.
3. Mohawk Badlands Hat by Powwow Baby. $20.

Keep your little one warm with this cute Mohawk hat. It’s made out of two layers of fleece and the sizes range from baby to teen. The fleece pattern has a very cool Native vibe. Powwow Baby is made by a woman from the Wampanoag tribe of Massachusetts, who is also of mixed descent. Very cool gear!

4. Pendleton Stocking by Night Owl Market. $25. 

Why not Indigenize your holiday morning with a Pendleton stocking? It is made from Pendleton wool and comes in traditional holiday colours. It also comes with a Pendleton gift card holder so you really get two gift cards in one!
5. Baby Moccasins by Quemeez. $40.
Adorable baby moccasins that are designed especially to stay on. These are all handmade by Algonquin beaders, feature authentic designs and can be customized with your child’s initials. This company was born out of necessity as Sunshine Tenasco realized that her daughter’s moccasin kept falling off so she made a durable pair that kept getting requests. Adorable and practical, what’s not to love?
6. ‘If Yoda was Indian‘ poster by Bunky Echo Hawk. $40.

Bunky Echo-Hawk’s (Pawnee/Yakama) whimsical design is sure to appeal to any little boy. It’s a delightful poster print, measuring 12″ x 18″, and can be mounted or framed for further durability.

7. Beaded Moccasins by Crystal Tewa. $50. 

These little cutie pie moccasins are done a white commercial tanned deer hide. The beading is a Shoshone design, and is completely around the moccasin. You can customize an order for size and colour (not in time for this holiday but you get the idea). This Navajo young mother is self-taught and just loves doing custom orders, so don’t be shy!

8. Emma the Owl by Le Petit Reve. $52.

Owls are wise and strong, and Emma is also cuddly. She is great fro the nursery and will brighten up the room. It is made from 100% eco-friendly materials and is about 12″ x 8″. Created by a Toronto First Nations young mom, you’ll know the product you purchase is made with a whole lotta’ love.

 9. Vintage Turquoise Baby Bracelet via Shiprock Trading Post. $120.

Forget a Tiffany bracelet, a truly spoiled NDN baby needs a turquoise silver bracelet. Bonus points for a vintage one from New Mexico. Enter gift idea 9. Having a timeless gift like this will also ensure it stays in the family for generations to come.

10. Sterling Silver Baby Rattle by Jennifer Curtis via Shiprock Trading Post. $250.
Silver spoons are so passe. Silver baby rattles are all the rage. The Navajo designer has incorporated Native American design to nod to the child’s heritage. Warning: the baby that receives this could soon be demanding for cashmere onesies.

P.S. Also check out the Gift Guide for Children from 2009 if you want more ideas! 
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