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While a lot of us were getting all  bent out of shape about Justin Bieber’s comments, Ezra Levant went on a tirade on Sun News in a typical Fox News North style on the day of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) election.

“What’s the most exclusive club in Canada? An elite fraternity that’s limited to 633 millionaires, and even then you can’t just buy your way in. it’s like one of those exclusive golf clubs in the deep south, if you are not the right race you are not allowed to join at any price, except of course maybe as a caddy,” he says about Assembly of First Nations. “Oh and you and I pay for it through our taxes. We’re the reason that they are millionaires.”

“The wealth and privilege of these chiefs comes to the expense of normal Indians. The money that they take for themselves is money that doesn’t go to housing, hospitals, or schools on Indian reserves across Canada.”

“More than the wasting infrastructure is the wasting people. Despite millionaire chiefs, Indians are much more likely than other Canadians to have drug and alcohol problems, unemployment, crime, suicide. Not the chiefs though, they are living large like Wall Street bankers before the 2008 crash.”

I don’t know about your chief, but my chief was in Toronto during the AFN elections. He was wearing clothing purchased likely at Mark’s Workwear House and he ate very happily with me and my brother at Real Sports taking revel at the 39 foot TV. He is hardly the epitome of a millionaire, more like an average working man trying to do the best for his community. When my father was chief back in the day, he ensured that band members got housing before his own family did. We lived for years in a section of the church so that others could prosper before we did.

Now I know not all bands are operated the same, and there is room for transparency by each and every band, I do think that this rant by Levant was uncalled for. It contributes to the stereotypes of First Nations politicians in a grossly exaggerated way. Note that there is not one mention of residential schools or colonialism and it’s generational effect while in discussion to anything. That might be too humanizing for us “Indians” (which he said a total of 10 times before four minutes into the video).

While I have actually enjoyed some of Ezra Levants work, this rant is not the first time he has shown proof of just how much he despises us “Indians”.

Photo from Montreal Simon 

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4 Responses to “First Nations Millionaires Club”

  1. J.Guitar

    I think that what needs to be understood here, and that he maybe didn't clarify, is that his rant is directed at First Nations Chiefs who do abuse the money. There are so many examples of this out West in the prairies, that it's disgusting. Certainly, there are tribal councils who actually use the money properly to help their people, but there are still many who hoard the money for themselves, and live a life of luxury on it, while their people, are left in abject poverty with very little to show for the money that has been given to the reservation.

    I have a problem with him generalizing, but I don't disagree with what he's saying, because we see it all the time out here. It's disgusting and wrong, and more people need to speak out about it. The people who are getting hosed, do not speak because of their deep rooted tradition of respecting their chiefs and elders without question. In saying that, somebody has to stick up for them, because when people abuse power like that, they need to be held accountable for it. There's a certain point where a chief and tribal council should be taken to task when his leadership is shoddy and their people are not doing well.

    I'm speaking as someone who has friends who have left reservations because the situation was so dire and corrupt that they'd starve if they didn't leave. I understand why you're upset, and that there are exceptions to what he's saying, but I hope that you'll understand that he wouldn't be saying it if it was completely untrue. Please do not be angry with him for calling out the bad councils and shaming them like they should be shamed. They need to know that they are being watched, and that what they're doing, is wrong. There is no reason that any First Nations person, should ever have to live in abject poverty on a reservation, and come into the outside world with no education and no means to get established. It happens though, and way more than most realize.

  2. Jennifer Smith

    Every race has it's "millionaire psycho paths" who get off on taking more, way more than they need and watching in glee as their people suffer. If anyone wants to use Aboriginal millionaires as some type of scape goat it is only because aboriginal people have always been an unfortunate stereotype. I have always been upset by the fact that we pay so much attention to the plight of african american people when the bigger plight is that white people stole the aboriginals land and no one so much as bats an eye. And then people have the nerve to say that aboriginal people take too much because they have status cards etc. Hurry up and get some aboriginal singers and actors winning emmy's and grammy's so that the young aboriginals of the world could see that they can have a voice that will be heard. :'(

  3. LisaCharleyboy

    This is my blog and I do not approve comments that are inflammatory. So if you're trying to post, that is why.


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