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I haven’t been very dedicated to reading lately. In fact my “reading” has been listening to audio books while traveling here and there. My down time is spent on Twitter, Facebook and email. I have been a very naughty girl. To try to turn this around I’ve installed the Kobo reader on my iPhone and read books on there when I get a chance while waiting at the doctor’s office and before I go to sleep. My latest reads have been okay but I haven’t read anything that makes me excited to go to bed early so I can get my read on.

Until my latest little indulgence, Last Night at Chateau Marmont … It is a chick-lit lovers dream (sorry Leah McLaren, I call a spade a spade). This is the genre that I generally try to only indulge in during those spaced out summer months but after struggling through a few non-fiction snores I needed a pick-me-up.

You may know this author from that little movie, The Devil Wears Prada. When I first picked up her book that inspired the movie, I literally devoured it in a few days. Then when the author came to Toronto to do a book signing (when the movie was just a whisper) everyone was all lined up for some Canadian author and I was only one of like ten in her lineup. She had tons of time to talk to me but I was so awkward fan-like with her. I rarely get all awe-struck but this women had my heart. A chic New York writer beats an actor in star quality in my eyes every day. So we bantered for a few moments about her movie coming out, which was just starting to be filmed and she was kind and humble. So amazing.

If you’re looking for some chick-lit fodder to get you through a long plane/train/automobile ride home, I definitely suggest this book which is about a plain Jane woman who strikes stardom through her struggling-musician-husband-turned-rockstar. This is just the kind of book that will make you wish that you didn’t have to put your book (or iPhone) down.

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