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Back by popular demand! Once again this year I’m bringing you the xmas gift guides with my top ten picks in each category. Here is the children’s gift guide. I’ve revamped my Pinterest boards where I collected all of my ideas before narrowing them down and posting so be sure to follow me on Pinterest to get all the goods!

Learn the Alphabet Book. NativeNorthwest. $10 CAD (Native Made)

Get the young one in your life addicted to Native art by using this book filled with beautiful northwest coast art to help little ones learn the alphabet. This is one of a set of four, so don’t be shy to pick up the entire set.

Pendleton Bib. Happi Babies. $12 USD

Sometimes you just got to give your baby a hipster stamp. Pendleton is oh so hot right now and why not adorn your adorable little one in this trendy bib? They are guaranteed to get a nod of approval when you take this out at your Sunday brunch spot.

Suspender Bow Tie Tee. SheLah Nanabah Designs. $15 USD (Native Made)

Get your little guy ready for New Years Eve with this spiffy tee shirt with suspenders and a bow tie. Adorable and sweet, he will sure to draw attention wherever he goes with a tee shirt like this on.

Fry Bread and Spam Poster. Steven Judd. $20 USD (Native Made)

This twist on the classic book is an awesome nod to Dr. Seuss and to rez culture. Get it and then frame it or mount it for maximum length of use. It might just find itself in your own home decor.

Super Indian Comic. Arigon Starr. $20 USD (Native Made)

What Native child couldn’t use a Native superhero? Exactly, I am sold. Creator/Writer/Artist Arigon Starr is a member of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma and is the brains behind this beauty. This is a 4 page full-color book combining Super Indian Issue #2 (“Here Comes The Anthro”), Issue #3 (“Hubert’s Blog”) and Issue #4 (“Technoskin”). A sure hit.

Healing Hand Tee. Alano Edzerza. $20 CAD (Native Made)

This unisex tee featuring a “healing hand” by Tahltan designer Alano Edzerza is a crowd pleaser. It’s adorale abstract northwest coast design is contemporary with a nod to traditional design.

 Animal Puppets. NativeNorthwest . $22 CAD each (Native Made)

Let your child’s imagination run wild in the animal kingdom. The hand puppets are  designed by Chris Kewistep, Kwakiutl Nation and manufactured by NativeNorthwest. I think these little guys would make great travel companions for your little tyke.

Indigenized Shrek Print. Bunky Echo Hawk. $45 USD (Native Made)

My nephews have been obsessed with this print forever. It can be purchased, mounted or framed and can grow with your child. The print is 11″ x 17″ and will be treasured long past the new year.

This Land is My Land. George Littlechild. $64 CAD (Native Made)

This book was published in 1993 by Children’s Book Press and is thus hard to find. It’s written and illustrated by Littlechild, and the book won the Jane Addams Peace Award. The messaging behind the book is solid as it tells the story of the Cree meeting European settlers. American Indians in Children’s Literature blogger highly reccommends this book. I’d say find it in hardcover and keep it for years to come.

Love Quilt. Gracie Lane Quilts. $125 USD

I know if I left it to my grandma or my mom to make a quilt for my baby girl, it would look nowhere near this cute. Save them the trouble and time and just go with a pro. This is a sweet addition to a little girl’s room that you will actually show off.

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