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While my holidaze aren’t officially over, they are quite near death. I have come back from BC to where I spent 10 blissful days with my family and enjoyed the comforts of being back “home”. During that time I was able to take some time to myself away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and do some yearly reassessing of my life.

I had a great brunch with a dear cousin who started this journey with me and it was picked up when she read my palms and we discussed what she saw. It was my first time having my palms read and it was a very telling experience and I felt that everything that was stated was quite en pointe and lent me a little direction.

My first night in BC I had a dark dream. I woke up and I started doing my morning pages and began writing out the details of this dream as I felt it necessary to get it off my mind. While writing I realized that this was just a small part of a larger story. That story has been with me for a while now and this was just one more piece of that puzzle. Then I realized that I had to take the time to write it all out and I resolved to return to BC next summer to take some time to be in peace and write.

Today as I seek some distraction while I am a total insomniac, I came across this Elizabeth Gilbert TED talk on poppytalk and it is just what I needed. It opens up a new way to think about creativity that fits perfectly in line with these two experiences that I had in Williams Lake and I realize that I must continue to write. The show must go on. I hope you enjoy it too.

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