Holy Chuck

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pam-palmater1I was recently asked by Ethnic Aisle to write about the past, present, or the future of racism in Toronto. After posing the question to Facebook, the most recent and obvious racist incident was the Holy Chuck “Dirty Drunken Half-Breed” Burger incident. Below is an excerpt from the post at Ethnic Aisle, but please take a moment to read the full post here. “Half-breed is an historic term used to describe anyone who is of mixed Native American (especially North American) and white European parentage. Métis is a more general French term for mixed race, which has generally referred to a person of descent from two different major ethnic … Continued

Uber Toronto Love

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Screen-Shot-2012-04-13-at-3.52.38-PMIf you live in Toronto, have an iPhone or Android, and take a taxi you *need* to know about Uber. This company is essentially a luxury taxi service, but better. You can download an app to your phone, set up an account and order a car right from the app. ELIMINATE A PHONE CALL. Awesome. Plus you can see how far away the nearest driver is, thus giving you precise timing to put on your lipstick and pack your purse. Then you get a text when your driver has arrived. If you are super anal-retentive you can watch the car … Continued

Igloos in the City

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tumblr_lwgvavUShO1qz6f9yo1_500It’s no secret how much I hate the cold snow. I was raised outside of Vancouver and our winters were very mild. Like seriously wear only your spring coat all winter mild. So when I moved to Toronto I was in serious snow shock. I still am actually. I know I’m supposed to get used to it but as soon as January hits I am conjuring up ways to escape. My ultimate goal is to fly south like a young snowbird, but for now I am just never leaving my house until April dealing with it. It has been snowing … Continued

House music all night long

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Before-PicThe “before” makeup shot (slightly overexposed) The “after” shot Pre-party essential     Charlie and Rachelle posing fierce   Look who showed up – Justin and his friend Lisa   After a few straight weeks of working too hard, I decided I needed a night out dancing, and there is nothing better than a good old skewl house night to get my boogy on. Those United Soul peeps know how to throw a wicked party. They brought in Byron Stingily from Chicago and brought the party to Revival, one of my favorite venues in Toronto. The night started of at … Continued

La Palette pleases my palate

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LaPaletteSo on Sunday evening it was my one year anniversary with the boyfriend. So in ritual retreat we dressed up and headed toward a nice restaurant to celebrate. Although this time he chose a quiet, quaint resto over an overdone, fancy-pants, pretentious one. We went to La Palette in Kensington Market. A cute and cozy French Bistro where I had never been and had little knowledge of (and truth be told was a little wary of since my forays into “the market” have usually been filled with  granolas staring at me and wondering who let the King Street girl in). … Continued