SHHHH! Secret Electric Pow Wow at Aboriginal Music Week

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ELECTRICAlright, so maybe we’re not the best at keeping secrets; we just don’t want you to miss out! The not-so-secret deets: Wednesday, August 21st at the Kings Head Pub Tickets are $20 Only 200 are available and they must be purchased at the ‪#‎AMW2013‬ shows at the Pyramid Cabaret August 16, 17, and 18th. Make sure you’re at those shows to snag tickets! The fifth annual Aboriginal Music Week will feature 10 concerts with performances by 25 Indigenous artists from Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. The festival is set for August 16 – 21 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Tickets can be purchased online at and in-store at … Continued

SEEKING Youth Submissions: HOME

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2769692138_5bcd3c2c8b_z1I’m co-editing a book with Annick Press about Indigenous youth called The Things That Shaped Us. As a part of this book we will be exploring the concept of HOME. What we are looking for: -Pictures, poems, artwork, and quotes from Native American, First Nations, Metis and Inuit youth (under the age of 35) that explore the concept and feeling of home -An artist statement (150 words or less) -Please email to before August 30, 2013 *UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 7, 2013 What the book is about: The book is intended to educate and inform high school students about the Indigenous youth experience in both … Continued

Native Photo A Day June 2013 Edition

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#NAHM2013PhotoADay ChallengeAs many of you know in Canada, June is National Aboriginal History Month in Canada. In celebration of this, Urban Native Girl has teamed up with the Regina Aboriginal Professional Association (RAPA) to bring back the #NativePhotoADay! This challenge is taking place from June 1 – June 30, 2013. Take a photo that works with the theme of the day and post it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and label it “Day #: theme word) #NAHM2013PhotoADay“. Need some inspiration, check out the tag on Tumblr here. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Here are a few examples for you … Day … Continued

Northern Nurses Needed

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Disccovery-College-Photo11Back on my reserve in the Interior of BC, if you wanted to see a nurse you went to the trailer by the snack shop. It looks a bit dilapitated, and the trailer seems slightly askew, as if one of the four wooden blocks holding it up is a few inches short, giving you the uneasy feeling when trying to balance beverages on top of a wobbly table. This is the nursing station, where one person is there to service the entire community’s varied health needs. The nearest hospital is an hour and a half away, and for those without … Continued

G(irls) 20 Summit

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G20 RussiaAre you an Aboriginal female between the ages of 18-20 that is passionate, forward thinking, and solution oriented ? Then the Girls 20 Summit is looking for you! Travel to Russia in 2013 to meet other young delegates from each G20 country, plus a representative from the European Union and the African Union.You will debate, discuss and design innovative ideas necessary to empower girls and women globally and present these to G20 Leaders. It’s an opportunity to engage and influence. VISION Our vision is for a world in which girls and women are empowered and able to participate fully in the economic … Continued

Let’s give the headdress a rest

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US-VICTORIA'S SECRETPhoto from Mail Online. It’s only been one week since No Doubt took their video down after the outcry from Native Americans, First Nations, and their allies after their ‘Looking Hot’ video was released. I wrote about it on Tuesday for The Guardian. After the posting, there was still outrage from Indigenous people as to how the video was made in the first place, and from non-Indigenous people still wondering what the big deal is. “It’s just a music video.” “It’s artistic expression.” “I’m Native, and it doesn’t offend me.” Oh great. Even after reading numerous posts and explanations on why … Continued

Indigenous Peoples Day

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217857_10151143673432904_1688503646_nJohnny knows what’s up This year, just like every year, I was asked to join in on some Thanksgiving feasts here in Ontario. My brothers and their children are in the interior of BC, and my mom is now in Arizona, so there is no real family turkey dinner for me, and there hasn’t been for some time. Over the years, I have mostly not taken part in Thanksgiving dinners, and the few times that I have joined families, it has been nothing short of awkward. This one time I had agree to “celebrate” Thanksgiving at this Muskoka mansion cottage … Continued

Holy Chuck

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pam-palmater1I was recently asked by Ethnic Aisle to write about the past, present, or the future of racism in Toronto. After posing the question to Facebook, the most recent and obvious racist incident was the Holy Chuck “Dirty Drunken Half-Breed” Burger incident. Below is an excerpt from the post at Ethnic Aisle, but please take a moment to read the full post here. “Half-breed is an historic term used to describe anyone who is of mixed Native American (especially North American) and white European parentage. Métis is a more general French term for mixed race, which has generally referred to a person of descent from two different major ethnic … Continued

Acimowin: To Tell a Story

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Screen Shot 2012-09-20 at 9.22.57 PMLast March Megan Bertasson (Whitebear Woman, Wolf Woman) made a moving talk at TedXYorkU on storytelling and it’s importance for the Cree Nations. Not only for Cree Nations, but this story was one that touched my soul. And if you take the 12 minutes to watch this, it will touch yours as well. I tell this story because I believe that one of the most important defence that Aboriginal Peoples have engaged in has been storytelling.” Megan Bertasson


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Screen Shot 2012-08-11 at 11.57.55 PMThis past month I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Native Youth and Family Services of Toronto (Scarborough location) Leaders in Training (LIT) youth camp. I gave writing workshops while Shane Belcourt gave photograph workshops so that we could assist the youth to make this magazine. Kevin Fujita, Youth Worker at NYFST They paired up and selected someone that they admired and that inspired them and interviewed and photographed them over the course of a few weeks. It was awesome to get to know some of the Native youth in Scarborough and get to know the people that make … Continued

Batman goes Native

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Batman PunchI was surprised when I came across this Batman comic that features … a Native Batman!! Whaaa … how is this even possible? Well do read on. Batman Incorporated is an ongoing comic series where Batman (Bruce Wayne) begins franchises by drafting, training and commanding a global team of heroes who answer to him. One of his franchises is led by Man-of-Bats (Dr. William Eagle) which takes place on an unknown Lakota reservation. Man-Of-Bats is active in the community during the day as a doctor and as a volunteer crime fighter in the evening. He is assisted by his son … Continued

Boxing Olympic Babe

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EPSON MFP imageThe 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony is going down this evening and it’s sure to be an action packed time when sports fans are glued to their tubes. This year Women’s Boxing has been added to the Olympic roster, which means that there will be an Aboriginal athlete making the Olympic rounds this year. Mary Spencer (Ojibway), from Cape Croker First Nation will be competing in women’s middleweight boxing. The first match is August 6, with the semi-finals taking place on August 8 and the finals on August 9. She already is a three time world champion middleweight so she’s … Continued

May #NativePhotoADayChallenge

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May_NativePhotoADayLast month’s #NativePhotoADay was a hit! There was over 731 entries on Instagram alone, that’s some serious dedication by a lot of you out there. Thank you all who participated for sharing your creativity this month. Here are a few highlights (although it was hard to choose).  Thank you everyone!  Day 25 ‘Corn’ by FreeCouch. Amaze. Day 10 ‘Medicine Wheel’ by FreeCouch Day 3 ‘Drum’ by SeriouslyIKnowRight Day 23 ‘Cedar’ by Muse250 Day 22 ‘Sage’ by Steve Marshall Day 18 ‘Earth’ by bunganz If you didn’t get a chance to participate, well May’s challenge is here. There may be a … Continued

New in Town

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Screen-Shot-2012-04-16-at-5.53.08-PMDid you know that over 70% of Edmonton’s Aboriginal population originates from other communities or that Edmonton has the second largest urban Aboriginal population in Canada? Well I sure didn’t. It wasn’t until last month when I was approached by Lisa Baroldi of Progress Unlimited to do voice over work for New in Town Aboriginal Welcome Service that I realized the full capacity of just how Urban Aboriginal Edmonton really is. The commercial that I did the voice over work for details the service and how it can be a help to those Aboriginal peoples new to Edmonton, and how … Continued

Top 30 Hottest Native Women

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207128_10100183537327010_48908785_55456289_6477356_nLife and Times of a Modern Day NDN Princess published a list of the Top 30 Hottest Native Women. Guess who made the list? I am so thankful to be included in the company of so many talented and beautiful women. Here are a few from the post …  Waneek Horn-Miller  Amberae Wood Ashley Callingbull Julia Jones Chantal Rondeau of the blog is taking suggestions of who else to add to this list … she’s got five more spots left! Weigh in on who you think it should be by posting on her FB page or taking this poll below. … Continued