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Last weekend I got to check out the Toronto Premiere of Crooked Arrows, the first Lacrosse film from a North American perspective (not like this flick). The movie centers on the the coach Joe Logan (Brandon Routh) who leads a Native American high school team on their journey to win the state lacrosse championships over the prep school rivals. It has a serious Mighty Ducks vibe.

I loved that the movie incorporated Native American spirituality elements and the history of the lacrosse game throughout the movie. There were moments during the film where I felt that Native pride rise up inside me, especially when I saw scenes of my friend, Charlotte Logan. Rock star.

As I have covered on my last post about this flick, there is some serious Native eye candy in this movie, which appeals to the female audience, but the guys really love the sports action. At the screening there were a lot of families and young lacrosse players, so it’s the kind of film you could go with either your boyfriend or your mom and nieces and nephews. It has that broad appeal.

This film releases nationwide on June 1, so be sure to check your local listings and round up your favourite group of people and check out this flick!

I met some of the guys at the opening: James Bissell (Tuscarora), 
Derek Berrett (Onondaga), Tyler Hill (Mohawk), and Shaye Thomas (Onondaga).
Crooked Arrows has a fun app for your iPhone.
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