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So of course I clicked the link on the Tweet because I was curious as to what these “Navajo-inspired” boots would actually look like. Thankfully I really like them!

These Sorel Chipahko Boots boots are stylish, water and stain resistant, and have a cute little snowflake pattern on the sole that will look adorable tracking behind you as you trench through the snow. I also love how in the video the stylist, Kemal, states how it can be worn with a caramel brown leather (or wool) jacket, or it can be paired with a heavier dark grey flannel type jacket. It gives the boot a versatility which allows it to be worn for fashion in early fall, and function later when winter is one of those things that you wish would just go out of fashion.

Kemal (stylist) beside the model showing the boots complete with a “Navajo” camisole, and feather earrings.

“There’s definitely some Navajo inspired or blanket inspired elements that we are seeing on the runway and on the streets.” Kemal says.

Sorel is savvy enough to not include the word Navajo in any of it’s website promotion of the boot (lessons were learned from Urban Outfitters earlier this year), but they didn’t refrain from mentioning the influences in their tweet or in their video. Do you wish that the descriptor “Navajo” would just go out of fashion? I have been using Southwest as an indicator word for imagery rather than Navajo personally, as I find it accomplishes the same thing without inferring there is a tribal affiliation.

I would, however, like to be affiliated with these boots these winter. They are definitely casual and chic, which is a perfect pairing for when winter takes it’s toll and I just need to get functional with my fashion choices. They retail for $225 USD, or $280 CAD at The Bay.

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