Batman goes Native

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I was surprised when I came across this Batman comic that features … a Native Batman!! Whaaa … how is this even possible? Well do read on.

Batman Incorporated is an ongoing comic series where Batman (Bruce Wayne) begins franchises by drafting, training and commanding a global team of heroes who answer to him. One of his franchises is led by Man-of-Bats (Dr. William Eagle) which takes place on an unknown Lakota reservation.

Man-Of-Bats is active in the community during the day as a doctor and as a volunteer crime fighter in the evening. He is assisted by his son Red Raven (Charlie). He is focused on helping the community and tries to eliminate the reservation of those who are causing his people harm. Sam Black Elk is a crack dealer and a leader of the Redz gang and the target of his attack.

<spoiler alert> Of course Batman makes an appearance and all is well in the end. The lesson is that you don’t need a ton of money to help out your community, but you do need to be present and active. You can purchase this Batman Incorporated comic (Volume I, Issue 7) it to read on your iPad on the ComiXology app, or go old school and get the full first volume in hardcover from Amazon.

Typical Rez truck


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