An Indian Christmas

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So I have been thinking a lot of Christmas lately since I am finally going back home to spend the holidaze with my family for the very first time in three years! So you might say I’ve gotten a bit of that ‘ole spirit back.

Last year I started the Gift Guide series, where I selected a top 10 list of gift items for men, women, and children. Last year I noted the companies that were *Native owned, and this year I thought I’d highlight all Native artists and companies and chose all of my top 10 gifts in this manner.

Not to forget all of the awesome gifts and cool things that are outside this realm (but many Native inspired), those will be featured in various posts called Found: which highlight cool, well, finds.

Well of course I do know that Christmas is not all about presents, but there is something about the season that gets my shopping eye going, so why not share? Perhaps one day I’ll really get my spirit back and get into a Martha Stewart mood and post some crafts and cookies and such, but in the meantime you’ll have to do just deal with the consumerism craze.

Also if you are an Indigenous artist and you sell your goods online, please send me a link at lcharleyboy [at] gmail [dot] com so I can check out your wares and potentially include them in future shopping wrap ups. Bonus points if you have goodies that you want to give away.

Keep your eyes peeled for the unrolling of prezzie ideas!

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