All in due time

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There is something about Christmas and holiday time spent with your family that really tugs at your heart strings. Add in 3 (yes 3) engagement announcements to that potent mix and you can get yourself a wee bit worked up. This is precisely what happened to me. I was thinking about the big 3: engagement, marriage, and children. You could say my biological clock went into overdrive.

When in fact just a mere few weeks prior to this vacation, I had been thinking about how cute puppies are and how even though I’d really like to have one, my lifestyle is just not stable enough to be able to take care of said puppy (I travel too much). Then I start thinking about children? I’ll call it a moment of brief holiday insanity as clearly if I can’t even handle an adorable puppy, I probably should chill out on even thinking of the big 3. Perhaps I should start with a plant.


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4 Responses to “All in due time”

  1. Anishinaabekwe

    When I was in grad school from 2004-2006 I wanted to adopt a cat. I was on the phone with my brother and he said – "first you need to take care of yourself and next a plant." Then, I can get a cat. I say start with a plant and if all goes well, adopt a puppy. Then you can think about the big 3, haha!

  2. Gwen Styles

    I know how you feel. About once a year my tightly-clamped uterus pipes up and asks, "maybe?" then I have a tequila shot and tell it to SHUT UP lol

  3. Lisa ~ Urban Native

    @Gwen Styles – tequila shots. That sounds like a good plan … ;).


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