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Adam Beach Film Institute

ABFIPhoto from Adam Beach Film Institute website My journey into the film & television world began in 2008 when I worked as a Programming Coordinator for imagineNATIVE FIlm & Media Arts Festival. It was there that I was introduced to the wonders of Indigenous cinema. I met directors, producers, and actors and was immediately enchanted with this wonderful corner of cinema. Fast forward four years and I’m acting, have developed and pitched a TV show, and I’m now interested in screenwriting. But how does one get further ahead in film and television to be able to tell stories without a … Continued

Native Secrets Editorial

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Cover Shot 600Photos from Brink Magazine – October/November 2012 issue This past Wednesday I shared a photo of Jade Willoughby for my ‘Urban Native Girl Wednesdays’ post on the Manitobah Mukluks Facebook Page. It was my most popular post, garnering almost 50 shares. I have written about Ojibway/Jamaican model Jade Willoughby back in September and she has stayed on my radar ever since. Here she is in this spread from BRINK Magazine‘s October/November 2012 issue that I thought I should share. I love that they styled her with a nod to her Native heritage, without making it cheesy, stereotypical, or disrespectful. Kudos … Continued

New Directions

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Little Spirit Moon‘Little Spirit Moon’ by Lauralee K. Harris Tonight it’s a full moon. Not just any full moon, it’s an eclipse. It’s also the Little Spirit moon, according to Anishinaabe teachings … From ‘Thirteen Grandmother Moon Teachings‘ by Arlene Barry Today has been a day of transition for me. I’ve been shedding parts of my past. I am very excited for the month that lies ahead as I begin to focus on pursuing my dream completely, in a way that I haven’t had the opportunity to quite yet. Although I left my full-time job in February earlier this year to pursue … Continued

Danny Kass + Oakley = Totem Terror

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oakley-danny-kass-collection-1Photo from The Combined. Pro Snowboarder Danny Kass has released a new line of sunglasses and goggles with Oakley entitled ‘Totem’ Frogskins. Both of the designs clearly have a northwest coast style vibe. According to the site “It’s rich with Native American art that inspired the two-time Olympic silver medalist when he visited the Blackfeet reservation in Montana.” In Montana?  It’s a very confusing inspiration source indeed, when geographically it doesn’t make any sense. Thankfully the color is called “Peace Pipe” just in case we weren’t sure whether it was a blanket Pan-Indian design approach to the line.  Image from Vertical … Continued

Seal skin ban hurts Inuit way of life

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arctic1Photo by David Kilabuk Photography Today Inuit are challenging the seal ban in the European Unions’s highest court, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. “The basic regulation prevents any seal products from being put on the market in the European Union,” said Hendrik Viaene, ITK’s European lawyer. “This means that no seal product can be sold in the European Union in any member state.”  “Even though Inuit were exempt from this ban, we are highly affected,” said Paul Irngaut, wildlife communications advisor with Nunavut Tunngavik. In the November/December issue of Spirituality & Health I wrote a piece called ‘In the … Continued

Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

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tumblr_mdog7jOHUo1qgc2tqo1_500  Photo by Alexandra Cameron I’ve been thinking a lot about the missing and murdered woman all across Canada. So when this article ‘On the front lines of the missing and murdered women tragedy, pain never fades (which talks about the women in Winnipeg) came across my radar, I delved in. “If native women are constructed as ‘easy squaws’ and are locked into this imagery through the behaviour of individuals, they will continue to be rendered worthless in public institutions such as courtrooms or hospitals,” wrote aboriginal author and researcher Kim Anderson, in A Recognition of Being: Reconstructing Native Womanhood. “If we … Continued

Blanket Boots

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Blanket BootsSo of course I clicked the link on the Tweet because I was curious as to what these “Navajo-inspired” boots would actually look like. Thankfully I really like them! These Sorel Chipahko Boots boots are stylish, water and stain resistant, and have a cute little snowflake pattern on the sole that will look adorable tracking behind you as you trench through the snow. I also love how in the video the stylist, Kemal, states how it can be worn with a caramel brown leather (or wool) jacket, or it can be paired with a heavier dark grey flannel type jacket. It gives … Continued

Let’s give the headdress a rest

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US-VICTORIA'S SECRETPhoto from Mail Online. It’s only been one week since No Doubt took their video down after the outcry from Native Americans, First Nations, and their allies after their ‘Looking Hot’ video was released. I wrote about it on Tuesday for The Guardian. After the posting, there was still outrage from Indigenous people as to how the video was made in the first place, and from non-Indigenous people still wondering what the big deal is. “It’s just a music video.” “It’s artistic expression.” “I’m Native, and it doesn’t offend me.” Oh great. Even after reading numerous posts and explanations on why … Continued

imagineNATIVE Internship

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Screen Shot 2012-11-02 at 5.54.19 PMWhen I worked at imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival back in 2008, I never imagined that 4 years later I’d be coming back to cover the festival for CBC. But that’s just the simple twist of fate that happened for the 13th annual festival that happened a few weeks ago. I submitted my application for the CBC imagineNATIVE Internship and was selected to create the official CBC Arts & Entertainment content during the festival. During my internship, I created four posts for CBC A&E online, interviewed Producer Lisa Meeches, Actor Tamara Podemski, and Executive Director Jason Ryle. I also … Continued