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Mohawk Girls gets greenlight

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Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 3.41.23 PMMy heart sung with joy when I watched the pilot of ‘Mohawk Girls‘ on APTN. Finally there was a show that had Native women in it that was dealing with issues that I could relate to, with characters I could identify with. It was about a 2 year wait between the broadcast of that initial pilot and the news that came last night that the show is greenlit, but who cares? I am glad it’s finally happening! OMNI Television and APTN will broadcast the six-part series, which is produced by Montreal based Rezolution Pictures. The pilot for Mohawk Girls was … Continued

In Her Footsteps: The story of Kateri Tekakwitha

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DVD CoverDid you hear all the buzz on the canonization of a Mohawk saint, Kateri, in Rome last Sunday? Are you not really sure what that was all about? The Montreal Gazette has a great write up here, but if you want the quick low down, here goes … Kateri Tekakwitha was a woman born in the late 17th century in modern day New York. She was the daughter of a Mohawk chief and an Algonquin mother. Smallpox took her brother and her parents, and she was left scarred and with poor eyesight. She was taken in by her maternal uncle … Continued

Crooked Arrows now on DVD

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Screen-shot-2011-12-13-at-5.53.37-PM1Today is the day that you can get a little piece of lacrosse action right in your living room. And no, I’m not talking about that iphone video you made last time you went to see the Rochester Knights, I am talking about the release of the Crooked Arrows feature film on DVD. In case you missed  my review after seeing the flick, be sure to check out this post right here, or my fan gushing when I first saw the actors in the film here. In short, it is a classic sports underdog story (think Mighty Ducks) but with a Native … Continued

Indigenous Peoples Day

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217857_10151143673432904_1688503646_nJohnny knows what’s up This year, just like every year, I was asked to join in on some Thanksgiving feasts here in Ontario. My brothers and their children are in the interior of BC, and my mom is now in Arizona, so there is no real family turkey dinner for me, and there hasn’t been for some time. Over the years, I have mostly not taken part in Thanksgiving dinners, and the few times that I have joined families, it has been nothing short of awkward. This one time I had agree to “celebrate” Thanksgiving at this Muskoka mansion cottage … Continued

Holy Chuck

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pam-palmater1I was recently asked by Ethnic Aisle to write about the past, present, or the future of racism in Toronto. After posing the question to Facebook, the most recent and obvious racist incident was the Holy Chuck “Dirty Drunken Half-Breed” Burger incident. Below is an excerpt from the post at Ethnic Aisle, but please take a moment to read the full post here. “Half-breed is an historic term used to describe anyone who is of mixed Native American (especially North American) and white European parentage. Métis is a more general French term for mixed race, which has generally referred to a person of descent from two different major ethnic … Continued

Visiting Vineyards

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HOP-Sign1A few weeks back I got to go on an iYellow wine tour. It was actually my first wine tour ever. Yes, ever. Which is redonculous because I grew up in BC and have been living in Toronto long enough to have made my way over to Niagara to go for a wine tour. It was always “Next summer I am going to do that.” Yet I never did. Part of the problem was I had a car, which meant I was driving and then would need to get a hotel at Niagara-On-The-Lake to be able to properly indulge in … Continued