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Brittany Bitternose for Miss Canada Globe ’12

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555659_431109616906148_886495601_nHave you heard? Brittany Bitternose  (Cree, Treaty 4, member of George Gordon First Nation) is running for Miss Canada Globe ’12 today in Toronto. Here are a few questions about her title and her dream this weekend … What inspired you to run for Miss Canada Globe? I never sought out the pageant on  my own, one of their recruiters approached me on Facebook and asked if I would review their website and consider applying. I feel when opportunities present themselves I shouldn’t let them pass by, I would have felt regret if I hadn’t at least gave it a chance to … Continued

Aboriginal Music Week 2012

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Ab12_festival1-300x1991NDN party. AMW 2011. Yesterday the awesomeness was released. The full line up for the Aboriginal Music Week (AMW) in Winnipeg from October 30 to November 4. I know what you are thinking. Winnipeg, really? Trust me, it is dope. I made my way last year for my first time for the AMW, the Manito Ahbee Festival and the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards (APCMAs) and it didn’t disappoint. I had a fantastic time and the word on the street is that I’m hosting a very precious party during that time this year, so I’ll be on the scene reporting … Continued

Synaptic City

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217913_10151156612595700_1423970013_nViddy by Melissa McCauley Last Friday night I got to host the Synaptic City fashion show by Sage Paul as a part of Planet Indigenus at the Harbourfront. I had been looking forward to the show since I first heard that Sage was creating wearable works of art especially for it. I wrote about it last week in heavy anticipation. The show did not disappoint. Micheal Solomon All photos with Red Works watermarks by Nadya Kwandibens The dancing was amazing. Eric Pipestem on the hoops. Lyrical. Insightful. Ethereal. Kitsune Soileil getting donned in regalia Seral-Lys McArthur Michael decked in Sage Paul … Continued

Planet Indigenus Roundup

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391288_10151145205870813_595887391_n-300x2251Photo courtesy of Telford Eliot Last weekend I had the honour and the pleasure of hosting the Redpath Stage at Planet Indigenus at the Harbourfront Center. Thanks Marc Merilainen! As I blogged about earlier, Planet Indigenus is the largest contemporary international Indigenous cultural festival in the world, and featured 10 whole days of theatre and dance, music, food, film and visual arts from Canada and around-the-world. And it only happens every three years, which makes it that much more special. It all started on Friday night when I hosted the Sage Paul Fashion Show (but I’ll save that for another entire post). I snuck over … Continued


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Plant PictureWe got plants! Pinkie, moi, Casie, Septembre Last Thursday I got to spend the entire day with the @FordCanada team for a #FordEscape day with some fabulous fellow bloggers. The day started in the Distillery District with some foods at a gallery space while we anxiously awaited to hear what the day had in store. I got to see Tamara, first time since our Dove hair commercial! Then we got partnered off and drove in teams. Thank the lucky stars, I got to hang with Casie Stewart! She got the ball rolling and jumped in the driver’s seat as we made our way … Continued

Sage Paul Fashion Show

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40061-199x3001Tonight is the night! I’ll be hosting the Sage Paul Fashion Show that will be taking place at the Harbourfront Center, Red Path Stage. The action gets started at 7 PM and it’s a full hour performance so come on by for this free Planet IndigenUS event before you get your night started! Kitsune Soleil wearing SPs ‘Smoke Dress’ Sera-Lys McArthur wearing SPs Traditional Kimono, and Dancer sleeveless top. Jade Willoughby Micheal Solomon The fashion show will feature her Fall/Winter ’12 Synaptic City collection as well as an original wearable art collection inspired by traditional Native regalia. The models will … Continued

Don’t Need Saving Video

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Native StereotypesLast summer I took part in the Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC) video ‘Don’t Need Saving: Aboriginal Women and Access to Justice’ directed and produced by Audrey Huntley of Wolf Dog Prodductions. METRAC wanted to investigate why Indigenous women have greater reports of violence. There are currently over 600 women who have gone missing or murdered in Canada. Native women are 5X more likely than other women to die a violent death. Startling facts. This is a short video that probes the conversations around violence against Indigenous women and the issues surrounding this epidemic. It features … Continued

Rhymes for Young Ghouls

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Jeff-Barnaby-TFI-Filmmaker-Industry-Meeting-CN3_86o0dLCx-204x300Ever since I worked at imagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival  in 2008 I have been a fan of Jeff Barnaby’s. While his short The Colony premiered at the 2007 TIFF, and named one of Canada’s Top Ten Short Films of 2007, it also won the award for Best Canadian Short Drama at imagineNATIVE that year. I watched it from the comfort of my own home back in 2008 and I was aghast by the sheer grittiness of it. “Barnaby received his BFA in film production from Concordia University. He has been a script reader for Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, … Continued

Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards Voting Begins!

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Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 7.54.39 PMThe time has come! Nominees for the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards (APCMAs) were announced this morning at the press conference in Winnipeg. Voting is now open at the APCMAs website until September 3, 2012 at 11:59 CMT. You do need to login and if you didn’t vote in 2009 you will need to set up an account as they’ve ditched the previous sign in. Take the 10 minutes and get your vote on, it’s important that everyone’s voice is heard for these people’s choice awards! Bruthers of Different Muthers Indian City JB The First Lady Kristi Lane Sinclair Lena Recollet … Continued

Plex Video ‘I Can’t Breathe’

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Screen-Shot-2012-08-12-at-1.26.41-AM-300x1611Last month I had the opportunity to be in my first music video. And not just any video, I got to be in Plex‘s first video for his second album. If you don’t know … Plex (Doug Bedard) is an award-winning hip-hop artist and producer based out of Toronto. His debut album Brainstorm came out in April 2009, and his second album Demons was released this past June. Plex spends most of his time performing, teaching workshops and producing music, but he also runs New Leaf Entertainment, an independent record label in his “spare time.” The song was ‘I Can’t Breathe’ and … Continued


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Screen Shot 2012-08-11 at 11.57.55 PMThis past month I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Native Youth and Family Services of Toronto (Scarborough location) Leaders in Training (LIT) youth camp. I gave writing workshops while Shane Belcourt gave photograph workshops so that we could assist the youth to make this magazine. Kevin Fujita, Youth Worker at NYFST They paired up and selected someone that they admired and that inspired them and interviewed and photographed them over the course of a few weeks. It was awesome to get to know some of the Native youth in Scarborough and get to know the people that make … Continued

Urban Warrior: Michael Woestehoff

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Michael WoestehoffMicheal Woesthoff (Navajo) lives in Washington, DC and is the Director of Communications and Media at the National Indian Gaming Association and hosts a travel and hospitality blog called The Washington Lobbyist. He is from Ganado, Arizona and has his Masters in Corporate Communications from Georgetown University. He tells UNGS the ten things he can’t live without. 1) My Camera Right now, I have a Canon EOS 7D and it has come with me to shoot our NIGA meetings hearing and out to restaurants and hotels around the world. 2) Lapel Pins I know, I’m sure there are more important … Continued

Gonged on the Gatherer

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tumblr_m6z8h2gQnd1qlo7suo1_500It all started with a Tweet. Way back when almost three years ago I received a Tweet from a reporter who was writing about Aboriginal fashion for Metro News who needed some tips. I made a few suggestions and she came up with a great piece that featured both Manitobah Mukluks (MM) and Louie Gong. When it was published, MM saw the Louie light and were enchanted with his work. One thing leads to another and BAM we get a mash up. Meet the Louie Gong Gatherer Mukluk. It is divine. I was nearly obsessive about it from the moment I … Continued

Art by Assu

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Screen Shot 2012-08-09 at 4.30.57 PMPhotos courtesy of There are many Native artists I love, but one that really resonate with is Sonny Assu. Since I first saw his Coke Salish piece as a photograph in a magazine, I knew that this was a modern Native artist that fuses pop culture with Indigenous ideology. I started to follow his work by basically stalking watching for his updates online. Chief’s Drum from iDrum series Ovoid as Language #1 When I saw his iDrum series and his Longhouse series, I really fell in love with Assu’s aesthetic. Here is an artist melding West-Coast designs in a modern context that … Continued

Baker Twins Battle

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Screen Shot 2012-08-06 at 4.59.12 AMThe Baker Twins sure have been busy! If you follow them on Facebook or on Twitter, then you know that they have been working consistently since their move from Vancouver to LA. Their latest film work is about to be released. Check out the Battle B-Boy‘s trailer (watch for them around the 0:17 mark). You can  pre-order this film on iTunes if you want to be one of the first to see the twins in this dance flick.