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Batman goes Native

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Batman PunchI was surprised when I came across this Batman comic that features … a Native Batman!! Whaaa … how is this even possible? Well do read on. Batman Incorporated is an ongoing comic series where Batman (Bruce Wayne) begins franchises by drafting, training and commanding a global team of heroes who answer to him. One of his franchises is led by Man-of-Bats (Dr. William Eagle) which takes place on an unknown Lakota reservation. Man-Of-Bats is active in the community during the day as a doctor and as a volunteer crime fighter in the evening. He is assisted by his son … Continued

First Nations Millionaires Club

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Ezra LevantWhile a lot of us were getting all  bent out of shape about Justin Bieber’s comments, Ezra Levant went on a tirade on Sun News in a typical Fox News North style on the day of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) election. “What’s the most exclusive club in Canada? An elite fraternity that’s limited to 633 millionaires, and even then you can’t just buy your way in. it’s like one of those exclusive golf clubs in the deep south, if you are not the right race you are not allowed to join at any price, except of course maybe as … Continued

Shoe Shopping Time

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Screen-Shot-2012-07-29-at-12.02.53-AM-300x2111      Even though it’s still hot outside and August isn’t even upon us, I can’t help but be excited for fall shopping. Fall is my favourite season, and one that I always shop for early. It’s like I am planning a ‘back-to-school’ wardrobe, even though my undergraduate days are behind me. Sumptuous suedes, luxurious leathers, and denim to die for … this is the reason why I am already starting to dream up my fall wardrobe and the purchases I am going to make. To get a head start on that I am taking advantage of this Buytopia … Continued

SUVs and Swimsuits

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Maxi-Dress-Infinit-300x3001This past week has been a beautiful whirlwind that started with picking up a shiny 2012 Infiniti QX56 thanks to @InfinitiCanada! This SUV is an absolute dream and I have been looking forward to my cottage vacation not only for dock time, but also for the driving time. Also my brother was in town from BC for the AFN elections, so it was perfect for being able to take him out for a drive to Parkdale so we could nosh at Keriwa Cafe. He was most impressed by the sheer size of the vehicle and how easy it was to park in the city. … Continued

Boxing Olympic Babe

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EPSON MFP imageThe 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony is going down this evening and it’s sure to be an action packed time when sports fans are glued to their tubes. This year Women’s Boxing has been added to the Olympic roster, which means that there will be an Aboriginal athlete making the Olympic rounds this year. Mary Spencer (Ojibway), from Cape Croker First Nation will be competing in women’s middleweight boxing. The first match is August 6, with the semi-finals taking place on August 8 and the finals on August 9. She already is a three time world champion middleweight so she’s … Continued

A Lust for Lashes

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Kim-K-eyelash-230x3001I’ve got a secret. My eyelashes are teeny. They are not big and bodacious like the lashes of my dreams. For years I have curled them, and experimented with a ton of different mascaras. There was a period five years ago when I used to work with fake lashes – both strips and individual ones. It took me forever to apply it properly and then it would only last one evening. Sometimes my real lashes would come off with the fake lashes. It all seemed to not be worth it so I abandoned the whole fake lash thing and decided … Continued

Farewell Fairweather Friends

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il_570xN.334102563Photo from Paolo Loves 2 Shop I have been thinking a lot about friendships lately. In the past year I have had a number of my close female friendships change drastically. I have found that people really enjoy when you stay static. That way they always know exactly what to expect from you all of the time. It’s when you change your life that people find it challenges their life and their perceptions of you. Once I decided I was no longer comfortable living my life in the same way it greatly affected all of my relationships. First of all … Continued