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Origins: Breaking Beats & Boundaries

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ORIGINS_PRINT-previewOrigins: Breaking Beats & Boundaries: A Native MC competition followed by performances by A Tribe Called Red (including DJ Shub, Red Bull National Champion), Kinnie Starr, and IsKwe. This is taking place at Hard Rock Cafe at 10 PM on Saturday, June 30 as a part of the Manifesto Festival, Canada’s largest hip-hop festival. Tickets are $20 advance and $25 at the door. But, wait. I’ve saved the best for last. The night will be hosted by the ever-handsome, ever-smart Wab Kinew, who you might remember from a little show called 8th Fire. The night is set to be hype! If you want to … Continued


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Screen-Shot-2012-06-22-at-8.25.28-PM-300x1971isKwé has been one of my close friends since she let me come and take over crash her life in LA a few years ago. While I was there driving around her car, I popped in one of her CDs which had a few rough cuts of her songs ‘Wandering’ and ‘Recycled’. I immediately fell in love with both of these songs and have been waiting for her to make it big since. She has the kind of determination to live for art that is truly inspirational to witness. So here’s a bit of great news … she has been accepted to the … Continued

Fashion Short Falls Way Short

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Snowballs-Harmony-Korine-Proenza-Schouler-21-265x3001I wanted to make a celebratory, or even quasi-political post today for National Aboriginal Day. I thought about different topics, and pondered different styles of personal writing that I could do. But then this came across my email. In Christian Allaire‘s piece for the Toronto Standard on fashion appropriation, titled ‘Hey, Fashion: Stop Ripping off my Aboriginal Culture‘, I came across the most disturbing video. It’s a promo video by Proenza Schouler titled “Snowballs” by Harmony Korine (the director of Kids). Now, of course, with Harmony behind the lens, you are going to expect something slightly off. But that doesn’t … Continued

National Aboriginal Fashion Week

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22669_1275026848258_3444009_nKim Picard Designs Tomorrow evening is the beginning of a whole new era. It marks the opening of the first ever National Aboriginal Fashion Week (NAFW), on the National Aboriginal Day of course. There are two days that will be showing nineteen fashion designers from all across Canada, will have fourty five Indigenous models, as well as five guest models. Bruno Henry Designs Shoshona Kish of Digging Roots rocking a Swirling Wind dress to the Junos Corrine Hunt flip-flops These are just a few of the designers that will be showcased at the #NAFW. In addition to all of the … Continued

#Banff2012 – The Absolute Essentials

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banff-media-logo-big-300x1921I have had two days back at home to think about my time at #Banff2012. It was an amazing time, and I would even dare to say, a life-changing time, but yet the Virgo in me thinks I could have done it better. For starters, I would have completed *all* of my work before I arrived so I didn’t have to spend my first day thinking about the writing that I should be doing. Secondly, I would have strategized my sessions better, but that would take a huge team effort. Mainly incorporating all of the tips that I have laid … Continued

#Banff2012 Dia 3

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Oh haiHere is another man who has been a *huge* influence in my life as of late. Introducing Jim Compton, Co-Producer of Urban Native Girl TV, and former Program Director of APTN. Although we have been working together since last fall, it took the Banff World Media Festival for us to be in the same city. I guess I need to get myself to Winnipeg more often. I attended ‘The Role of Social Media in Entertainment Marketing‘ session on Tuesday and it was fantastic. There were a lot of ideas bubbling in the air that got me thinking of some killer … Continued

#Banff2012 Dia 2 Take 2

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Judy-the-winner1-224x3001Judi Handelman is the winner for her pitch at Dealmakers Live. I can honestly tell you that I am so proud and happy for her. Shane and I met her at bootcamp for Innoversity 2012 – The Big Pitch and we bonded over burritos. She took home that prize too. We joke about being on the “pitch circuit.” Her pitch is all about a contestant type show for tweens who compete to make their philanthropic dreams come true. A show with a heart. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Congrats Judi! After Shane and I finished the pitch we … Continued

#Banff 2012 – Dia 2

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Lisa-Shane-Banff-Banner-300x2251Monday morning was filled with the nervous energy as Shane and I prepared for our Dealmakers Live pitch. We rehearsed and rehearsed and ate lunch to go over the questions that we might get asked by the judges panel if we were moved on to the second round. Who is your audience, what type of branding opportunities are available, tell me about what I might see in a typical episode … check, check, check. We are at rehearsal here and this is when the nerves really started to kick in. Jonathan Torrens of Jonovision fame was the host. No big. … Continued

#Banff2012 Dia 1

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Banff Arrival  Saturday night I arrived in Banff. There was snow on the ground when we stopped in Canmore, and of course I was wearing wedges and a trench coat. I was slightly worried because I only packed summer clothes for the entire trip … Casie Stewart Thankfully I ran into Casie Stewart first thing on Sunday morning at the Banff World Media Festival. It’s awesome to run into familiar faces when you are away from home. She looked typical Casie GaGa with her sunnies on and an amazing vintage fur collared sweater, and her booties. So mountain chic. Then the … Continued

Truth and Reconciliation Toronto 2012

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SmallPosterjpeg_big4Last night The Meeting Place began with keynote speaker Justice Murray Sinclair, Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC). This is  three-day gathering focused on Canada’s Indian Residential School system and its legacy. It is expected that approximately 600 people will attend, of whom at least 100 will be residential school survivors and 150 will be Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth. “This is an intergenerational gathering to promote respect, education and engagement,” said Ava Hill, event coordinator for The Meeting Place. “It will give survivors of the Indian Residential Schools an opportunity to tell their stories and have them recorded. It will … Continued