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Holly McNarland Contest

Categories: Music

2920_73809087132_68969407132_2125368_2071671_nHave you heard of Metis singer/songwriter Holly McNarland before? Her music just came across my path and I thought it was pretty cool, so I wanted to share her music and an upcoming contest where you can win stuffs! Holly had a turbulent childhood. Her mother was a Metis singer in a country band. Her father was a cowboy who played in the band. The marriage disintegrated when Holly was two and she was only reconnected with her father a year ago. From the age of three, Holly knew she wanted to be a singer and quit school in year … Continued

Brazilian Blowouts Toronto (BBTO)

Categories: Beauty

Before¬†Before After I have been getting a Brazilian Blowout from Rachelle White Wind for over a year and a half now. ¬†When I first heard about it I was excited. No frizz? Hair gets sleek and straight and I don’t have to rely on a straight iron as much? I was on board. And I have been ever since. There certainly has been a lot of controversy about this product, but I personally haven’t had any reason for concern so I kept on keeping perfect hair with the Brazilian Blowout. Here is a recent article on the BB myth. Over … Continued

New in Town

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Screen-Shot-2012-04-16-at-5.53.08-PMDid you know that over 70% of Edmonton’s Aboriginal population originates from other communities or that Edmonton has the second largest urban Aboriginal population in Canada? Well I sure didn’t. It wasn’t until last month when I was approached by Lisa Baroldi of Progress Unlimited to do voice over work for New in Town Aboriginal Welcome Service that I realized the full capacity of just how Urban Aboriginal Edmonton really is. The commercial that I did the voice over work for details the service and how it can be a help to those Aboriginal peoples new to Edmonton, and how … Continued

Top 30 Hottest Native Women

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207128_10100183537327010_48908785_55456289_6477356_nLife and Times of a Modern Day NDN Princess published a list of the Top 30 Hottest Native Women. Guess who made the list? I am so thankful to be included in the company of so many talented and beautiful women. Here are a few from the post …  Waneek Horn-Miller  Amberae Wood Ashley Callingbull Julia Jones Chantal Rondeau of the blog is taking suggestions of who else to add to this list … she’s got five more spots left! Weigh in on who you think it should be by posting on her FB page or taking this poll below. … Continued

Uber Toronto Love

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Screen-Shot-2012-04-13-at-3.52.38-PMIf you live in Toronto, have an iPhone or Android, and take a taxi you *need* to know about Uber. This company is essentially a luxury taxi service, but better. You can download an app to your phone, set up an account and order a car right from the app. ELIMINATE A PHONE CALL. Awesome. Plus you can see how far away the nearest driver is, thus giving you precise timing to put on your lipstick and pack your purse. Then you get a text when your driver has arrived. If you are super anal-retentive you can watch the car … Continued

Who Inspires U?

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WIU_Dish_Mar01MainI thought that I would share this awesome contest that came across my path recently. Tri-Cyclen Lo is sponsoring this video contest for young women (aged 16-35 years old) where you make a video about what you aspire to be and what you would do with $10 K to achieve that aspiration. Upload it to YouTube, register on the contest site and you are eligible to win ten grand! See more detailed contest rules here. This is a great opportunity for young women all across Canada (excluding Quebec) to showcase what their aspirations are as young First Nations women. Show … Continued