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NativePhotoADayIf you’ve been following me on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or you are my friend on Facebook, then you might have noticed that during the months of January and March, I was doing the Photo A Day Challenge. Encouraged by Charise to join it on IG, and then inspired by Anjali to put up albums on FB, I was enthralled from the second day. It has been super fun to take part of and I like sharing the randomness of my life through these photos, here are a few of my favourites form January and March (I took off February due … Continued

Spring Confessional

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UnderArmourTopPhotoAll set to tackle that next jog! So I have a confession to make … remember last January when I started eating gluten again? It was supposed to only be for a few weeks until I got tested for Celiac Disease (negative on that front). But then I went to Jamaica and decided to stay on that gluten train, since, well, it would make life so much easier for myself (and the private chef there) if I just ate the same as everyone else. I promised myself that I would stop eating gluten after the trip. After the trip, I … Continued

Hunger Games – CanLit style (and not the party)

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hunger-games-bannerIt sure is an exciting week. I have just come back from Windsor from the Drum Social and a Gathering of Stories, and headed out to Six Nations to teach journalism workshops with some youth there. Awesome times. While in Windsor, my dear friend Joseph Boyden alerted me about this really cool contest that CBC Books has put on – The CanLit version of the Hunger Games – where one of his book’s characters is in it to win it! CBC Books is excited to present a CanLit version of the Hunger Games! That’s right. We’ve identified 24 iconic and … Continued

OSUM Aboriginal Day for Women Entrepreneurs

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Osum-Title-Shot1Some of you may remember last October when I went to Calgary (for my first time) to speak at the Osum Day for Aboriginal Entrepreneurs. It was such a wonderful trip that it even made my Top 11 (moments) of 2011 post earlier this year.  The video by Aboriginal photographer Candace Ward was just released a few days ago so I thought it was a great time to share this short clip of the event. The other people that presented that day include: Cathrine Ann, Susan Aglukark, Dianne Buchner, Dr. Alex Bruton, and Christi Millar.   Take a quick look … Continued

Windsor (Why) Not?

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A-Drum-Social-amp-A-Gathering-of-Stories-Poster-2Big ups to Hiro Chavez for creating this poster! I am getting super excited for this event coming up this weekend. The University of Windsor – Aboriginal Education Centre has partnered with St. Clair College – First Nation, Metis, and Inuit Centre to bring you one whole weekend of #NativeAwesome – A Gathering of Stories. Author Joseph Boyden will be there for the keynote followed by A Tribe Called Red. Now you know I am a big supporter of both the author and the DJ group, so of course I am going to make it into a Windsor road trip!! … Continued