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Lacrosse Lament

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A_Warriors_Heart_1I’ve spent the past week out at 6 Nations teaching journalism workshops to some students at the Cayuga language school, I.L. Thomas. What I learned from these students is that they are serious about their lacrosse! We had a lot of discussions about Crooked Arrows and it’s upcoming release, but I thought I should at least check out this film, A Warrior’s Heart, and see what it’s all about. In shock and denial over his Marine father’s death in battle, star Lacrosse player Conor Sullivan, always a maverick and a hothead, starts acting out in self-destructive ways that have his … Continued

Jerk It

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Screen-shot-2012-02-13-at-2.35.07-PMJamaican Jerk Mon. Wicked video shot and edited by James Kinistino (Big Soul Productions). Yesterday was a freezing cold day here in Toronto and as my tan starts to fade, I began to get reminiscent.  I got back just over one week ago from Montego Bay Jamaica. It’s my second annual trip there with a great group of Native artists, and last year I wrote all about it for Indian Country. I think that the music video that was created sums up the trip quite nicely. The group of 13 of us went and spent time at the villa, time … Continued

Tablet Tease

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IFA-2011-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-8-9-LTE-Hands-On-2Back in December I received a Samsung Galaxy tablet to play with for a few weeks. I was sold when I was told “it’s purse size.” A sexy new little toy that I only have a short test trial with? Game on. For the past year, I’ve had an iPad from work. I never use this thing but I keep carrying it on with me on trips to see if I’d finely find it’s purpose in my life. I even brought with me to Italy sans laptop and I just about broke down while I was out there without my … Continued

3 AM Posts.

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I’ve spent the last week almost offline. The first few days were totally forced as the internet was down at the villa I was staying at in Jamaica, but after I got used to living without it I was okay with not delving deep. While there were many moments where I felt the need to document and be online, I was happily (mildly) extricated from the situation. All this time offline gave me some time to think and spend time reflecting and pondering life’s direction. I have been stuck in a bit of a groundhog day and I felt the … Continued