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Fashion Blog on CBC

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Screen-shot-2012-01-19-at-4.00.46-PMIf for some strange reason you are not following me on Twitter or Facebook, then you may not have noticed that I wrote a blog for CBC on Monday. The post is all about cultural appropriation in fashion in relation to some of my findings while walking along Queen Street in Toronto. Please take a read for yourself and let me know exactly what you think about this post. Is it cultural appropriation or “just fashion?”These topics are endlessly fascinating to me, although my posts here song focus on it solely. If you’d like to read more on these topics, … Continued


BMHW_rotateyes my Photoshop skills are lacking You may have caught the first Dating @ Hotel NC vlog, where my roommate, Jas, & I discussed PIPs versus POPs (Perfect in Person vs. Perfect on Paper). Well that vlog inspired another video, when someone brought up the notion of BHMW (Bring home to mom worthy). So we thought we’d explore that territory a little bit right here on this vlog. Oh and if you are wondering, no, not all of our videos will be on random acronyms. Enjoy! N.B.–PIPs versus Pops

Nat & Marie

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IMG_4062Clip from the Nat & Marie UStream channel Just before we started. Pretty ladies: Marie and Nat (in order). Rob Sarj on the decks and Tanya on the interdecks In case you missed it, I was LIVE on the Nat & Marie show on January 3rd. Yeah I know that was already almost two weeks ago now but it was the day after the show that I started eating gluten and my life went into hardcore slow-mo. The outfit: Sweater from Lavish & Squalor, Mary Jane Hunter  arrowhead necklace, Ksubi jeans, Manitobah Mukluks oh hey there  These ladies are all … Continued

A Trail(er) of Crooked Arrows

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Screen-shot-2012-01-13-at-7.30.08-PMThe official trailer for Crooked Arrows was just released as the film team was at the US Lacrosse convention. It looks great but I must admit, so far I was hoping for more locker room scenes … I’ll still be there in the theaters watching anyways though. Best line: When did the Indians start playing lacrosse anyway? Brightest new star to come on the scene. Favourite scene of the entire trailer. Obvi. N.B. –Crooked Arrows on FB -My past post on the flick

Come On Baby Light My (8th) Fire

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320049_169114469846129_169113646512878_335918_981372451_nSo last night some serious epic television happened in Canada. Like the kind that should make you haul yourself to Rogers and get yourself an HDPVR. 8th Fire had it’s first episode last night and it was amazing. I had a bit of a sneak pic on the first episode (Thanks Veritas!) and got to chat with Mr. Wab Kinew about it last Sunday when he was in town for that Strombo show. Be sure to check out his Soap Box below if you haven’t already, it’s brilliant. He’s the “man on the side” (tee hee). Wab to the rescue. … Continued

Life in the Gluten Lane

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wheatforkcrop If you have been following my Tweets or my Instagram feed, you may have noticed that I have been flirting with disaster these past five days … Yes that is a real pizza   A pecan butter tart eh? I have been #glutenfree since July 2009, which I first wrote about here in ‘But No More Bannock!’ I didn’t get officially diagnosed for Celiac at that time since I learned that you have to actually ingest gluten in order to be tested. I didn’t get what the point is since I already knew that it was the culprit of my … Continued

Live in the sunshine

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tumblr_lwvj0lRTmN1r5suo5On my way to the New Years party I received some very sad news. A person I know has recently had a very major setback that will likely affect her for the rest of her life. I choked back my tears in the back of the car not wanting to cause a huge sob scene, but I felt such sadness for her, and those close to her. How precious this life is. I took that as a reminder of just that. I know we hear it all the time through quotes and various posts in our social media networks, but … Continued

Thrush on Strombo

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tumblr_lx8bq48UIf1qze8h5o1_400In case you missed it (or don’t have cable), Gemini award-winning Michelle Thrush was on the Strombo Show January 3, 2012. I totally sat down with Sarah and we live-tweeted that ish #ThrushStrombo. It was pretty awesome, but it all went so fast and I couldn’t capture the quotes. Thank god for video. It’s up on my YouTube so y’all can check it, but here are some of my highlights: George: “It is impossible for a woman of Aboriginal descent in this country to be on television and not in some way be political.” Michelle: “Being born brown in this … Continued

It’s Show Time with Nat & Marie

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natandmariejustthem Nat and Marie    Guess who’s going to be on TV tonight? Okay well maybe not TV, but it’s a webcast and that’s even better because who the eff even has cable anymore these days?   I am going to be on the Nat & Marie show tonight at 9 PM EST and I will be interviewed LIVE. . Yes live. I better have some serious amounts of coffee so I sound like an quasi-intelligent human being or I’ll just have to fall back on the “look pretty and smile.”   Nat Tubanos and Marie Nicola are two Tweethearts who … Continued

Top 11 of ’11

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i-left-my-heart Truth. The past year has been full of travel and adventure. I have been to a ton of cities, four countries, and three continents. Talk about a whirlwind of a year, it has been a lot of fun. Truth be told that I actually exhausted myself. So in 2012 the idea is to travel in a more limited capacity. I still have a few places that I want to go but decreasing work travel is really going to help me focus and spend last time in different time zones and more time in the work flow zone. That is my … Continued