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A chat about Attawapiskat

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Screen-shot-2011-11-22-at-1.53.52-PMI remember sitting in my marketing research class at Ryerson University where my professor was telling the class that the true measure of a home’s worth was more readily told by the number of bathrooms and not the number of bedrooms. I was just a young student then, fresh from BC and not that far removed from seeing conditions on my home reservation. I naively spoke up and asked “What about homes with no bathrooms?” He haughtily laughed and said that such a thing does not exist in Canada and that it was simply not possible. I didn’t want to … Continued

The great Aboriginal education debate

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native-educatio_1344107cl-8Kenzie Wilson of Clear Lake, MB. Photo from the Globe & Mail. As some of you might already know, my full-time job is in Aboriginal education. I have been working as an Aboriginal Recruitment Officer for a Canadian university for the past year and a half. This means that I travel all throughout Ontario talking to First Nations peoples about their options in post-secondary education. This often includes many high schools located on or near reservations. During my time in this position I have learned a lot about the gaps in education for First Nations peoples in Canada which I … Continued

CANAB weekend yo

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373253_133238500116577_50648619_nHey ya’ll there is an exciting weekend coming up! Tonight is the Manitoba Aboriginal Artists Showcase at the Rivoli starting at 9 PM. Tomorrow night is the ever-fabulous Electric Pow Wow at El Mocambo with a special dance performance by Jacob Pratt. He’s also going to be hanging at the York University booth at the Canadian Aboriginal Festival at the Exhibition Place. I know lots of you wanted to see a pow wow happen in Toronto so this is the time and the place. There will be awesome dancers and vendors around so don’t be shy and come down and … Continued