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Osum = Awesome

Categories: Travel

Osum-Title-ShotIf you were watching my Twitter feed, you may have noticed that last weekend I was out west in Alberta. I was super excited to go and be a part of a fantastic event called the Osum Day for Aboriginal Women Entrepreneurs. I was a keynote speaker and talked about Digital Storytelling, and how women entrepreneurs can sell their business and services online in a compelling and unique way.  There were other amazing women (and 1 man) in attendance including Cathrine Ann, Susan Aglukark, Dianne Buchner, and Dr. Alex Bruton (who spoke at Google before, Google!). The entire day was … Continued

Bagua Boards

Categories: Personal

vision-board1Earlier this year, I started my whole #SimplifyStreamline track where I’m minimizing the things in my life and simplify everything so I can focus on the things that are really important to me. I want to consistently push myself so that I can become the best person possible and live my life by design. I started a vision board back then and have had it clearly posted in my room so I can see it every day. I started with finding a really beautiful cork board in the size that suited me, I found it at Winners surprisingly. If you … Continued

Pendleton Perfection

Categories: Fashion

AmberaeAmberae Wood in a Sho Sho Esquiro bustier and Turquoise Soul earrings. Photographed by Thoshographer. Last Friday night, there was a real showdown at The Guverment when Sho Sho Esquiro presented her fashion designs before the A Tribe Called Two Toes performed for the Toronto crowd. Her designs incorporate traditional Native culture but are always done with a contemporary twist. She is known for her Pendleton bustiers and oversized hoodies with a flash of Pendleton print. Sho Sho Esquiro, Kaska Dene and Cree, is from Ross River Nation, a reservation located in the Yukon but currently resides in Vancouver. “I go back to the Yukon often, I … Continued