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I Like My Beats Fast and the Pow Wow Down Low

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IMG_0368native puppy love from Bear Witness on Vimeo. Last night there was some real urban Native stuff going down. A Tribe Called Red came to Toronto and played at The Drake Underground and really started a scene. It was amazing to see so many beautiful brown faces come out and come together.  The lovely Dee  Miss Kwandibens and the guy who needs to get a Benz  Team CASS reppin’ hard yo While there were a lot of familiar faces all about the scene, there were also a lot of new people that I hadn’t ever met before. Toronto urban Natives … Continued

Thats Radio not Rdio

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IMG_1954CBC Day in the Toronto studio … It was a big week last week. I was on the radio four times. Oh yeah! I was interviewed by Darrel Dennis of the CBC show ‘Revision Quest‘, which aired on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  I was talking all about being an urban Native, yup that’s what I do best … Also, you might not know this, but I have been a weekly guest on ‘Urban Nation Live‘ with host Rick Harp every single Wednesday at 2 PM EST on Streetz FM in Winnipeg. We discuss some of the things that I Tweet, … Continued

Wanderlust Ways

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woman_travelingI came across this post from over 2.5 years ago about relationships and travel. It helped me realize that not much has changed over the last few years, and I don’t foresee it changing any time in the future. You see I used to date this guy about 3 years back who was traveling all the time, like so much that he was actually barely ever around. I was in school at the time and I was living the usual student life (read: broke) so I was always in Toronto and spent a lot of time at home because of … Continued

I Heart You

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Screen-shot-2011-08-21-at-8.11.14-AM Photo by La caitlin. There are some people who enter your life whom you just know you will always love. You may not be in a relationship with them, nor ever be given that opportunity, but yet you still both love each other and form a friendship that goes beyond the boundaries of what you’d ever expect from a regular friendship. These are the people that you must be thankful for every day, for they see the true you and say “yes, I love you just as you are.” These are the ones that you can be goofy, sad, happy, … Continued

Way into Wayuú

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KatyPerryWayuuTaya1Katy Perry sporting her Wayuú Taya bag at Coachella Last April while shopping at a trendy shop on Collins Avenue in Miami I spotted a whole collection of brightly coloured handbags that looked South American. They were stunning, and expensive and I wanted one. But the Japanese distressed denim jeans with a feather and a sparrow on them won this battle. And so I was left in purse pursuit. I took a photo of it and captured it’s beauty so I would not forget that deep longing for it to belong in my wardrobe. The bag is from Wayuú Taya … Continued

Reality Love Bites

93940464  “The main problem with our self-help culture is that it tends to perpetuate women ‘s insecurity about this. It implies that women are actually are doing something wrong with men.” ~Mari Ruti, PhD When I received an email a while back asking to review The Case for Falling in Love by Mari Ruti, PhD. I was curious as it said that “It begins with the premise that today’s conventional wisdom on dating (He’s Just Not That Into You or Men are from Mars) is over-commercialized, shallow and flat wrong.  More than that, it’s damaging to women.” Having read a … Continued


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Choices Princess White Deer Today is the first day off from my whirlwind vacations. First I went home to BC to get some grounding with family, then was whisked off to Italy for a pure all-luxury fairy tale type of vacation. Life is good. I am so happy to be back in Toronto though, because having the time away has given me ample time to reflect and think of what I really want from life and where I am going. There are many changes that must be made and shall be executed quickly. Apart from the obvious ones (exercise more, eat … Continued