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Guilt Free for Life

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IMG_1347Guilt Free Zone opener. Featuring a special appearance by the lovely Nyla Innuksuk. The GFZ. Did you hear that one about Waawaate Fobister being straight? *gasp* Talk about being behind the ball … this wicked wild event happened at the Gladstone Hotel back on May 31st. It was Big Soul Production’s 10 year anniversary, the lovely James Kinistino and Laura Milliken’s 40th birthday and the debut of Derek Miller’s The Guilt Free Zoneall at once.And what a party (and a guilt free zone) it was. I was co-hosting the event beside the lovely Miss Ashley Callingbull but somehow the “hosting” … Continued

Desperately Seeking Serenity

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10197387Yesterday I woke up and my throat was so swollen I could barely breathe. I spent the day in agony hibernating in my Niagara hotel room. I was upset that I couldn’t partake in the conference activities that I am here for. I have been looking forward to this conference for over a month. On the other hand, I couldn’t decipher whether this sore throat was caused by a peanut allergy or was an actual illness. I still haven’t figured this out. I am feeling better enough today to at least venture out to the nearest clinic and hopefully get … Continued

Are you revolutionary?

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the-two-fridas “The Two Fridas” by Frida Kahlo “It is far more revolutionary to be, sincere, romantic and idealistic”. The Resurrection of Beauty – a manifesto for the future of art / 2002  When I think of revolutionary I somehow have my mind wander to Frida Kahlo. That movie is permanently stuck in my head. She was a prolific artist and strong female force that inspired many artists for years to come. The Courvoisier Collective is currently having a call for artwork submissions that focus on the topic of the “renewal” of art’s revolutionary nature. They are looking for submissions of artwork … Continued

Life as a Runway

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Charlie+PresentsPresenting at the North American Indigenous Image Awards in Albuquerque, NM Some days I feel really insecure. When I have to walk around Toronto and take TTC I often feel like I really don’t fit in with this city. I know I’ve been here forever and have lots of great friends here but there are often days where I just feel super awkward. I live in hipster central, West Queen West. There are days when I do look like I fit in there, when I wear my cowboy boots, jeans and casual tops but there are often days when I’m … Continued

Tatanka Takes Over

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Cover1 All images from albuquerqueARTS If it isn’t one of UNGS finest Urban Warriors, Tatanka Means. Look he made the front cover of the June 2011 albuquerqueARTS Magazine. “Indian people are treated differently in the film industry,” he said. “It’s only recently that Indian people began playing Indian people in films. I think they’re treated differently because people in the film industry don’t consider the Indian people who are landing these roles as real actors. Even though I worked and trained to be an actor, it’s still like: `OK, stand here in your outfit, hold your bow and arrow in front … Continued

Cottage Cozies

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photo1The Sunday afternoon peaceful scene at the cottage. I headed up to the cottage in Muskoka early Saturday afternoon. It sounds funny saying “the” cottage, like it’s my cottage and I always go up to this cottage. In fact, It was my first time at this Lake Rosseau cottage. In general, it’s not my first cottage crash. In fact in the last few summers I have had at least a dozen weekends up at various cottages here in Ontario. So you think I would be seasoned at this cottage ritual but I did pull a fail whale this past weekend. … Continued

Red Road Districts

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5301281558_b9e181e736_b Photo by caribb She inspires, transpires, and continues to evolve. I checked this interview with Kinnie Starr by Rabble in promotion for the upcoming Women’s World 2011 conference to be held in Ottawa while researching for my fashion gigs. There were some words that resonated with me, and so I shall share: “I still have days where I feel I have no right to talk about being brown because I am so white. I write about being brown and being Native from a position of strength and a position of challenge and question. But it doesn’t mean that I’ve got … Continued

CD Giveaway

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shapeimage_1Things have gotten mighty serious lately, so I thought I’d switch things up a little bit with some soothing, soulful sounds. Anyone up for a CD giveaway? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Jacob Pratt released his first CD, Eagle Calls of his Native flute recordings last May in Regina, SK and it was an awesome evening of celebration for this achievement.  Jacob got all embarrassed because his auntie was telling “cutesie” stories of him. I got to judge a hand drum contest. I may be more of a Paula than a Simon. Just saying.Photos by Thoshographer. So back to the … Continued

Master Plan

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LO-RES-BKS-Rich-Indians-CROP-615x395This book sounds awesome. Photo courtesy of Indian Country. Well my last post seemed to cause quite the stir. What has really erupted over the past few weeks is my desire to obtain knowledge so that I can pursue this goal that I have to work in economic development in my own community and look at green energy initiatives. It is something of a calling that I feel oddly drawn to and there is something about this that I know I cannot deny. So after a long conversation with a dear friend, SS, who *always* sees through my bullsh*t tells … Continued