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I am not your Pocahontas

CharlieRooftopPhoto by Melissa McCauley By now it’s pretty obvious to you, dear readers, that I am single again and re-entering that big, bold dating world once again. It has been almost two and a half years since I have been on this venture so I am slowly getting my toes wet and figuring this all out again for what feels like the first time. Last time I was single, I was on that only dating Native men kick had made some strict rules about it (which of course were broken just after making them). Now I’m not making such guidelines … Continued

A Little Bit of Love Inspiration

925pPeacock Feather card by Night Owl Paper goods. Everyone gets so worked up over Valentine’s Day, whether it’s how to commemorate the occasion, or the lack of having something to commemorate. I have had my fair share of both scenarios and this year, although unattached, I’m choosing to celebrate love and those relationships that inspire me. I asked the gorgeous, grinning couple Amberae Wood and Thosh Collins to share with me their love story. These two are extra inspirational, since they met Thosh lived in LA and Amberae is in Winnipeg, and Thosh now lives in Salt River, AZ. Long … Continued

Wolf pack worthy

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MichaelMichael Hudson is a model represented by Vision in LA. 6’1 and I can’t find anything on his ethnicity. He looks Native for sure but these days with everyone vying for a Twilight spot, one can never be too sure. Oh and your welcome …

Oh Jesus …

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Grandma-Ervin-Jerry-oldMy Grandma Nellie is on the far left and my father is on the far right. Sometimes I wish that I was raised on my rez. For those of you who are new to this blog right here, I left my traditional territory at the young age of four years old. My father had just passed away and my non-Native (for argument’s sake) mother decided to take her three babies away from the rez and into the nearest city. One year later we left Williams Lake and headed south to Abbotsford, BC. At that time it was a sleepy farm … Continued

Mr. Big No Mas

12924817026119am570cyqcld99k7f7hI think I may have had a tad too much of the Carrie Bradshaw Kool-Aid. A fashionable freelance writer living a carefree and fabulous life in the center of the universe? I mean what’s not to love? But even Carrie managed to get her love life in check and “get” Mr. Big in the long run. I, however, have been left learning my own Mr. Big lessons. Not once but twice. Remember the Decade dating post? Well that post was almost two and half years ago, and that’s when I swore I would *never* date someone 10 years older than … Continued