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Allergy freak

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food-allergiesWhile it’s well known that I have an aversion to gluten, but I have been skeptical that it’s not the only allergy culprit for a while … so last May I had an igG blood test for food intolerances done by my GP and these were the results. It totally freaked me out because I saw my already limited diet restricted down to barely anything. No eggs, strawberries, dairy, soy, or rice? I mean that is seriously ridic. So I swallowed the news, did nothing about it and carried on. Last year before I went off on my whirlwind work … Continued

Urban Warrior: Jacob Pratt

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28819_395699522582_508247582_4602302_2388422_nJacob Pratt (Dakota/Saulteaux) from Cote First Nation, living in Regina, Saskatchewan is a business student at the First Nations University of Canada and is aiming for a Masters degree. He also dances pow-wow in the men’s traditional style, and is a hoop dancer. He plays the traditional Native flute and is in the process of producing his first CD. Never one to be bored, he also likes to model and act in his “spare time”. He tells UNGS the ten things he can’t live without. This hoodie is by Sho Sho Esquiro. 1. All Things Pendleton I have a Pendleton … Continued

Manic Monday

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il_fullxfull.94977996Illustration by Katie Crawford. It’s been well over a month now that my car has gone kaput. One day it just wouldn’t start. The engine sounded kind of funky the weekend before but I wasn’t all that worried about it. It had been with me for eight long years, outlasting three (yes three) boyfriends. I mean I thought I could rely on my car to last at least another few years or so. You know until I can afford my dream car, an Audi S5 … but unfortunately my Alero had other plans. I wasn’t all that worried about it … Continued

A whole new world

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2itjukhI’ve been a little quiet lately. Trying to get my life organized, sorted out, and all that jazz … I’ve also been battling major insomnia. It’s been a difficult month so far. I’ve just ended a huge part of my life so that I can live out my life exactly as I envision. It’s sad to let things go when they don’t work for you because sometimes you want so badly to make it happen. It’s like trying to make a puzzle piece fit over and over again into the same spot. It looks like it fits but no matter … Continued

Apache Adrian

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adrian_grenierYou know that moment when Patti Stanger asks her millionaires who their ideal partner is? Well, I’ve always been a little unsure of what I would say if I was ever asked that question. I have dated guys of various ethnicities and there hasn’t really been a “type” per se. It’s usually more about the connection and the type of person that they are, rather than just looks. But having said all that, I think I found my new “type”. I just heard that Adrian Grenier is in Toronto and I remember how much I was crushing on him in … Continued

Kookoo for Koko

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Screen-shot-2010-12-04-at-7.24.02-PMThere are a whole lot of moccasins stomping the pavement these days. Some are authentic and awesome, some are cool and definitely bought from a local shoe store, and others are just a disgrace to the word and look like they were purchased from a major big box chain where one would also buy off-brand toilet paper. Anyhow these brand spanking new puppies above are more than can be categorized in those neat little checkboxes. These are entirely handmade in Vancouver (where else?) and they are made out of deer leather. Lots of bonus points in there for me. It … Continued

Oh high coffee!

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CoffeeCrazyAfter the holidaze it can be hard to get into the groove. Especially when you’ve indulged your inner sloth and have added a lengthy New Years resolution list to the mix. Talk about anxiety and insomnia. I heard it was a new moon yesterday which makes today really the time to put those New Years resolutions in place. And well if you are a freak like me you’ll have been completely unable to have slept last night. Not so great on the “fresh start” train huh? Well thank goodness for coffee, that is one thing that can always get me … Continued

Urban Warrior: Tanis Parenteau

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DSCF1011copyEmailAll photos provided by Tanis. Tanis Parenteau (Métis/Cree) currently located in New York City is an actress, model and Youth Juice independent business owner. She tells UNGS the ten things she can’t live without. 1. Anything Colcci It’s a Brazilian clothing line my friend Dianna Morley Coppock introduced me to and since then I have never been able to try something on that was Colcci and not buy it! The jeans fit me like no other. 2. Pro-Derm Skincare It is Paraben-free and physician-designed; it’s given me the best anti-aging results my 33 year old face has ever had. 3. … Continued

Foodie femme

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Screen-shot-2011-01-02-at-5.30.37-PMIn an effort to begin the process of turning over my new feather, I am going to accept this offer I have to do a product review from CSN Stores. CSN is this collection of over 200 online stores that sells everything from Alessi products, luggage to corner tv stands but I’m particularly interested in something to add to my kitchen. I really want to start making delicious and nutritious food at home and I want to go not only gluten-free, but also dairy-free, soy-free, and corn-free. This is, of course, the advice of my holistic nutritionist, but I know … Continued

Turning over a new feather

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FeatherIt’s that time of year when everyone makes promises to themselves that they may soon forget. I haven’t made a habit of making any resolutions these past few years because I am constantly trying to cleanse myself of old habits, things, and people who are full of negative energy. A few months ago I heard from a peer about her resolution last year which was a year commitment to pick up a new environmentally friendly habit each month. It wasn’t anything huge, like maybe starting to compost, but it was her contribution to be more eco-conscious and make some positive … Continued

Twenty ten top ten

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IMG_52152010 was a good year, there were many different things that came my way that were so memorable and amazing and I want to remember them. So here’s the low down on my top ten favorite moments/experiences of the year in no particular order … Christmas with the Charleyboys For the past three years I have missed out on Christmas with my family. This year I took the 13 hours to make it home and spend it with my mom, my two brothers, my nephews and niece. It was well worth the trip as I got to spend some time … Continued

I like my pretty boys shaken

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bar-gobble-xI went to this Proof whiskey party a while back that had some killer drinks. Shocker I know. I haven’t really been into whiskey much since I moved from BC and got of that Crown Royal train wreck that I used to be fond of. In fact I kind of was turned off by whiskey (save for the occasional hot toddie of course).  But this Pretty Boy drink really did turn me around that night. No not literally … although I do remember getting a little lost. So if you have some whiskey kicking around and want to make a … Continued